'I've never seen a sight like it in all my life'

'I've never seen a sight like it in all my life'

HMS Belfast played an important role on D-Day.

Watch IWM curator John Delaney explore the significance of what the ship and her crew did that day - and hear the voices of the men who were on board and witnessed the events first hand.

Colour footage shot on board HMS Belfast by George Stevens Credit: War footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress

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© IWM (A 25665) HMS Belfast leaving Scapa Flow for the Normandy beaches in June 1944. The cruiser is reported to have fired some of the first shots on D-Day.
© IWM (A 25665)
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Visit where D-Day history happened and discover how HMS Belfast, IWM Duxford and Churchill War Rooms played a part in the largest combined naval, air and land operation in the history of warfare.


Juno was heavily defended and casualties were high, especially among the first wave of landing infantry
© IWM A 23938
D-Day Explained
IWM curator John Delaney explores how the Allies prepared for D-Day - and the significance of the events of the 6 June 1944.