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During a tour of the 2nd Army area, HM King George VI visited the headquarters of the Commander of the 21st Army Group, Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery. Field Marshal Montgomery is shown explaining his future plans to the King in his map lorry.
Second World War
Monty's Caravans: A Field Marshal's home from home
Field Marshal Bernard ‘Monty’ Montgomery was the most famous British General of the Second World War. A charismatic leader of men and popular figure amongst his soldiers, Montgomery conducted his campaign in North West Europe from three command caravans: one for his office, one for his bedroom and one for his map room.
Sharing a drink in an air raid shelter
Second World War
6 Lockdown Pastimes From The Second World War
If you’re getting fed up with the Coronavirus lockdown, spare a thought for those at home during the Second World War. How did people cope and occupy their time indoors, or when confined in shelters?
Savile Row tailors working on military clothing including a naval officer’s jacket, 1944.
Second World War
Manufacturers Answer The Call: WWII And The Covid-19 Crisis
During WWII, car manufacturer Vauxhall started producing the Churchill tank, Burberry turned to uniforms and the food industry created tinned powered eggs to meet demands. While we're not eating tinned eggs yet today, a number of the same companies are helping combat coronavirus.