Discover more about the stories and themes explored in Culture Under Attack, a free season of exhibitions and events that took place at IWM London between July 2019 and January 2020. 

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  • An Anderson shelter standing intact amid a scene of debris in Norwich.
    © IWM (HU 36196)

    Baedeker Raids

    What happened when some of the most historic towns in Britain were targeted by the German Air Force in the Spring of 1942? 


  • A charred capital at Montagu House, Portman Square, Marylebone, Westminster, Greater London
    Historic England

    Recording Loss and Destruction: The National Building Record

    How a small group of men and women battled against the threat to England's cultural heritage during a time of war. Explore the story through images from the archives of Historic England. 

  • Painting: The Women's Land Army and German Prisoners by Randolph Schwabe
    © IWM (Art.IWM ART 1179)

    Art in Exile

    As the Second World War loomed, IWM staff had to make hard choices about how to protect the museum's art collection. Discover how they approached the task and what happened next. 

  • A 3D representation of the Lion of Mosul created by Rekrei

    The Lion of Mosul

    After the Lion of Mosul was destroyed, a team of people used digital technology to ensure that this precious object would not be forgotten. 

  • Curator Q&A: Tamsin Silvey

    Tamsin Silvey is a curator at Historic England and worked on What Remains at IWM London. Hear what her job involves - and why she believes cultural preservation is important. 

  • Curator Q&A: Carl Warner

    Find how an exhibition looking at the destruction of culture is put together in this interview with IWM curator Carl Warner. 

  • Culture Under Attack

    Learn more about the exhibitions that make-up Culture Under Attack at IWM London. 

Second World War

Rebel Sounds: The Frankfurt Hot Club

German swing kids crowded around a musician playing the double bass
The Frankfurt Hot Club © Jazzinstitut Darmstadt

The story of the young German jazz musicians who continued to play the music they loved during the Second World War, despite the risks they faced. 

Stories of resistance

Terri Hooley, Rebel Sounds
Terri Hooley © Pacemaker Press Internationa
Northern Ireland and The Troubles

Rebel Sounds: Terri Hooley

The story behind Terri Hooley, a music fan who risked his life by opening a record shop in 1970s Belfast during the Troubles.

Songhoy Blues
© Andy Morgan
Contemporary conflict

Rebel Sounds: Songhoy Blues

A group of musicians came together when they were displaced by conflict in Mali - and now their voices are heard around the world. 

Gordan Paunovic, the founder of the B92 radio station
Gordan Paunovic (on the right), the founder of B92 Radio © Goran Basaric
Cold War

Rebel Sounds: Gordan Paunovic, B92 Radio and nineties Serbia

Gordan Paunovic used the power of music to fight the state controlled media and rising nationalism in 1990s Serbia. 

Rebel Sounds Live

© Tina Korhonen / World Metal Congress
© Tina Korhonen / World Metal Congress
Contemporary conflict

Rebel Sounds Live: Jake Shuker

Jake Shuker, lead singer of Syrian death metal band Maysaloon, on his love of death metal and being a musician. 


Aeham Ahmad sitting at a piano in a damaged street in Syria
© Aeham Ahmad/Niraz Saied Aeham Ahmad performing in Yarmouk, Syria.
Contemporary conflict

Rebel Sounds Live: Aeham Ahmad

Aeham Ahmad, also known as 'The Pianist of Yarmouk,' is a Syrian concert pianist who risked his life for music. Discover his story.



Syrian metal singer Jake Shuker in action
Photo: Richard Ash
Contemporary conflict

Rebel Sounds Live: Syria

Watch highlights from the first Rebel Sounds Live: Syria event with Jake Shuker and Aeham Ahmad. 

Second World War, IWM History, Behind the scenes

IWM during the Second World War

Air raid damage to the Naval Gallery at the Imperial War Museum, London, 31 January 1941.
© IWM (MH 127)
Contemporary conflict, Arts and Culture

What Remains: Creating art from destruction

Portrait of artist Piers Secunda standing in front of one of his artworks in What Remains at IWM London

Visit Culture Under Attack

Woman looks at part of a statue and a poster in the What Remains exhibition
© IWM What Remains, part of Culture Under Attack at IWM London

What Remains

IWM London
5 July 2019 to 5 January 2020

Woman looking at a wall of postcard-sized images in Art in Exile exhibition.

Art in Exile

IWM London
5 July 2019 to 5 January 2020

Young man and woman stand in front of black and white images of Rebel Sounds exhibition
© IWM Rebel Sounds, Part of Culture Under Attack

Rebel Sounds

IWM London
5 July 2019 to 5 January 2020

The Serbian DJ and music journalist, Tijana T in Belgrade
© Sever Žolak
IWM London

Rebel Sounds Live

A free series of live interventions and discussions with musicians and activists who have risked their lives for culture in times of war, exile and censorship.