How Hitler did the impossible

How Hitler did the impossible

In 1940, Hitler did the seemingly impossible. Within a matter of weeks, Germany had managed to take the entirety of France and send the British army back across the channel. This remarkable success was widely put down to their new tactic: Blitzkrieg or 'Lightning War'. So, what is Blitzkrieg and why was it so effective?

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A large ship steaming on a calm sea with small aeroplanes flying in the sky above. The sun shines down from the top left corner of the composition, casting a path of bright rays down onto the sea. In the distance another ship can be seen sailing on the horizon.
HMS Glorious in the Arctic, 1940, by Eric Ravilious.
Second World War
How Neutral Norway Fell To The German Blitzkrieg In 1940
Poorly armed, neutral Norway became the first victim of Germany’s Blitzkrieg in western Europe in April 1940. Both the Allies and Germany ignored Norwegian neutrality. 
Second World War
What You Need to Know About the Battle of France
In May 1940, Germany unleashed Blitzkrieg on Western Europe when it invaded France and the Low Countries.
What you Need to Know about the Dunkirk Evacuations
In May 1940, the Allies teetered on the edge of catastrophe. The German invasion of France had pushed the British Expeditionary Force, with French and Belgian troops, back to the French port of Dunkirk - destruction awaited if a rescue operation was not mounted from across the Channel. 
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