IWM is marking 20 years since the 9/11 terror attacks and exploring their global legacy in 9/11 Twenty Years On.

Wim Wenders: Photographing Ground Zero

Photograph of Ground Zero in New York depicting damaged buildings and wreckage. Construction machinery and one man are shown on the right of the image.
New York, November 8 2001, III © Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders: Photographing Ground Zero

Until 9 January 2022

A new exhibition at IWM London, featuring large-scale photographs taken in New York in November 2001 by the renowned photographer and filmmaker Wim Wenders.

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Conflict of Interest: 9/11

Conflict of Interest graphic

Conflict of Interest: 9/11

A special episode of Conflict of Interest marking the twentieth anniversary of the attacks on September 11th, 2001. The episode examines this hugely consequential moment in history which had massive impacts on the world of war and conflict, as well as all of our lives.

Conflict of Interest is a podcast series from the IWM Institute, exploring some of the world’s most complicated recent conflicts, including Afghanistan and Iraq. Celebrity guests are taken on a tour of IWM London, coming across the people, objects and stories which bring a conflict to life.

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Afghanistan video thumbnail


In 2001 an international coalition led by the USA invaded Afghanistan to destroy terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda when the Taliban refused to hand over Osama bin Laden. British forces went in alongside US troops. 

But, after 20 years of conflict, the Taliban again claim to be in control of Afghanistan.

In this video, we look at how the war in Afghanistan began, what Britain’s role was, and why the war lasted for 20 years.

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How have the events of 9/11 impacted you?

The advance into Basra City. Watched by Iraqi civilians, soldiers of 3rd Parachute Regiment secure the Old Town.

How have the events of 9/11 impacted you?

The events of 11 September 2001 changed the world.

IWM wants to hear your stories about how 9/11 and its consequences have impacted your life.

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What were the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

Section of twisted and rusted steelwork from the collapsed World Trade Center

What were the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

On 11 September 2001, terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger planes in the United States. 

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Remembering 9/11

  • Janice Brooks
    Janice Brooks

    Janice Brooks worked on the 84th floor of Two World Trade Center. 

    She lost 61 colleagues on 11 September 2001 and in the aftermath of the attacks, would go on to help support others dealing with what had happened. 

  • David Loyn sitting in a room in Helmand, Afghanistan, editing after the fall of the Taliban
    David editing a report in Helmand, Afghanistan. Courtesy David Loyn
    Memories of 9/11

    The attacks on 9/11 had a profound impact on many people’s lives, shaping the direction that their lives took from this point on. Hear how seven people remember the events of that day. 

  • An identity security pass for entry into the World Trade Center buildings in New York, issued to a Deutsche Bank employee, David Hancock, with the poignant expiry date of 11 September 2001
    Documents.19699 An identity security pass for entry into the World Trade Center buildings in New York, issued to a Deutsche Bank employee, David Hancock, with the poignant expiry date of 11 September 2001
    A Global Story

    The events of 9/11 touched people around the world. Read personal accounts of those who remember that day - from people who were in New York to the schoolchildren who watched the events unfold on television from thousands of miles away. 

Explore the 9/11 Story at IWM

Visitors at IWM North viewing a piece of twisted steel retrieved from the rubble of the World Trade Center on display in the Main Exhibition Space.

Explore the 9/11 Story at IWM

IWM's collections include objects that tell the story of 9/11 and the events that followed.

Find out more about items that are on display at IWM London IWM Duxford and IWM North.



War in Afghanistan

After the September 11 terrorist attacks, Britain joined an international military campaign in Afghanistan. Their mission was to find the leaders of al-Qaeda, remove the Taliban from power and reduce the threat from international terrorism. Find out more about what happened.

  • What was the British role in Afghanistan?

    British forces were sent to Afghanistan in 2011 as part of a coalition tasked with intervening to find the leaders of al-Qaeda after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Afghanistan and the British Military

    Watch senior Army officers reflect on how the war in Afghanistan affected the British military.

  • Twenty Years of British Troops in Afghanistan

    Learn more about the role of British troops in Afghanistan after 9/11.

  • Remembering Wishtan

    2 Rifles were deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. Hear some of those who served reflect on what happened that year and how they came to terms with the loss of friends and colleagues while serving in one the most dangerous places in Helmand. 

  • 9/11 Wars Timeline

    Explore some of the key events of the wars that followed 9/11. 

Contemporary Conflict

 Explore other stories related to conflicts since 9/11.  

  • Thumbnail image showing Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush and Tony Blair superimposed on a map of Iraq. The text reads "Why the Iraq War happened".
    The Iraq War 2003 Explained

    IWM curator Chris Cooper explores the timeline of events that led from the 9/11 terror attacks to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

  • Hetherington Libya video thumb
    Tim Hetherington's photojournalism in the Libyan Revolution 

    Find out how photojournalist Tim Hetherington captured the events of the Libyan Revolution. 

  • Lt Col Tim Collins, Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment Battle Group, addresses his troops about the forthcoming campaign, 5 March 2003.
    Important Facts about the Iraq War

    On 20 March 2003, a United States-led international coalition - which included Britain - launched an invasion of Iraq.

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    The 9/11 Twenty Years On activities at IWM are generously supported by the Embassy of the United States of America.