Animals at war over the past 100 years

From dogs and horses to bears and pigs, animals have accompanied men and women into combat throughout history. As modes of transport and communication, protectors and companions, they have fulfilled a variety of roles at war. In this video, we’re taking a look at seven of the top animals that have fought and worked alongside humans on the battlefield, from pigeons to elephants, over the past 100 years.


British Monitor "Severn" endeavouring to tow the Whaler "Rattler" which went aground near Wasin Island 24th February 1916.
First World War

Why Whales Were Vital In The First World War

Whale oil was an extremely important material in the First World War. Around 58,000 whales were killed during the war to provide Britain and its allies with the oil they needed to continue fighting. At this time, the whaling industry was dominated by Norway, who remained neutral during the war.
A driver taking mules to water, Salonika, September 1916.
First World War

Voices of the First World War: Animals In War

Animals have played a role in armed conflict throughout history, and the First World War was no different. Hear how millions of horses were used by all the combatant nations to transport men, supplies and equipment, as well as how pigeons and dogs were trained to carry messages.
The crew of HMS Glasgow named this pig Tirpitz, after the German Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz.
First World War

9 Famous Animals From The First And Second World Wars

From Tirpitz the pig, the mascot of HMS Glasgow, Warrior the horse, and Rip the a stray dog, to Gustav, one of the RAF's messenger pigeons, and Wojtek the 'Soldier Bear', meet 9 famous animals from the First and Second World Wars.