1. Flying over Egypt

A Royal Air Force Lockheed Hudson Mk VI (AE626) of the Middle East Communications Flight flying over the Egyptian pyramids, 1942.


2. Watching the skies

An Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) spotter with binoculars at an anti-aircraft command post, December 1942.


3. Making new friends

Two soldiers of the Royal Military Police with Anna, a four-year-old Austrian girl with whose family the men were billeted, in the Klagenfurt area of occupied Austria, May 1945.


4. Suiting up

Men of the Airborne Division adjust their harnesses alongside an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley 'PX-G' of No. 295 Squadron RAF, October 1942.


5. Playing cards

Men of the Royal Navy play cards on board the submarine HMS Tribune, 1942.


6. Churchill and his chiefs of staff

Winston Churchill with his chiefs of staff in the garden of No. 10 Downing Street on the day Germany surrendered to the Allies, 7 May 1945. Seated left to right: Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal, Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham. Standing left to right: Secretary to the Chiefs of Staffs Committee Major-General L C Hollis and Chief of Staff to the Minister of Defence General Sir Hastings Ismay.


7. Touring Athens

Sergeant R Gregory photographs Driver A Hardman during a tour of the Acropolis in Athens, October 1944.


8. On the lochs of Scotland

An officer and a rating launch a dinghy from HMS Forth on Holy Loch, Scotland, 1942.


9. Training

Private T Henderson practices an assault with a fixed bayonet during training, 1944.


10. 'Wrens' at work

Armourers of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) re-arm a Hawker Hurricane aircraft at the Fleet Air Arm airfield at Yeovilton, Somerset, 2 September 1943.


11. Tanks on manoeuvres in Britain

Churchill tanks of A and B Squadrons, 43rd Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment, 33rd Brigade negotiate obstacles during training, October 1942.


12. 'Wrens' touring Quebec

WRNS officers are shown the sights of Quebec by a member of the Canadian Mounted Police Force after the first Quebec Conference, 23 August 1943.


13. Signalling

A signaller operates an Aldis lamp on board a British warship, 1942.


14. Along the Suez Canal

HMS Howe passes through the Suez Canal on her way to join the British Pacific Fleet, 14 July 1944.


15. Protecting the home front

Members of the ATS operate the height and range finder at an anti-aircraft gun site, December 1942.


16. Bomb damage in London

A view of bomb damage in the area around St Paul's Cathedral, 1944.


17. RAF cadets in South Africa

RAF cadets watching a traditional Zulu dance in Johannesburg, September 1943.


18. Ladies Day

Wives and sweethearts visit on board the SS Empire Faith before the ship heads out to sea again, 16 February 1943.


19. On the ground in Tunisia

Soldiers of the Eighth Army in Tunisia fire a 4.5-inch gun four miles from the enemy lines, 1943.


20. Meal time

A naval rating collects bread for his mess from the battleship's bakery, November 1942.


21. Watching the coast

Two men of the Royal Observer Corps on a cliff top near Dover, 1943.


22. Short back and sides?

Flight Lieutenant H J F Joncas of No. 417 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, having a haircut in the Tunisian desert, April 1943.

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