1. Ruins on the Western Front

Snow-Covered Ruins on the Western Front, 1919, by W F C Holden.


2. The Asiago Plateau, Italy

a view of the Asiago Plateau in the Italian Alps. The ground is completely covered by snow, with a single wooden cross marking a grave in the left foreground. There are several small rocky ledges in the foreground and many trees in the middle distance, including a dense forest towards the left. On the horizon are the slopes and peaks of the mountains.
© IWM (Art.IWM ART 2455)

A View on the Asiago Plateau, Looking West, by Gerald S Hervey.


3. The Dockyard in Rosyth

A Corner of the Dockyard, Rosyth: Winter, 1918, by Charles Pears.


4. Transport Trucks on the Western Front

Transport in the Winter, by J B Morrall.


5. Refugees : '...pray ye that your flight be not in the winter...' Matt XXIV 20

Refugees: '...Pray Ye That Your Flight Be Not in the Winter...' Matt XXIV 20,1945, by Mary Kessell


6. A VAD Convoy, Italy : a car skidding in the snow on a mountain

A VAD Convoy, Italy: A Car Skidding in the Snow on a Mountain, by Olive Mudie-Cooke


7. Artillery Drivers on the Italian Front

Four artillery drivers in shirt sleeves, sharing a bucket of water and washing. The ground is covered with snow and Red Cross ambulances are parked in the woodland to the upper left of the composition.
© IWM (Art.IWM ART 2003)

Artillery Drivers in the Snow, Italian Front, 1914, by A Neville Lewis.


8. HMS Courageous at Rosyth

HMS Courageous in Dry Dock, at Rosyth. Winter., 1919, by Charles Pears.


9. Over the Italian Alps

Camel Scouts on Patrol, 1918, by Sydney Carline.


10.An ATS Camp at Tuxford, Notts

AN ATS Camp at Tuxford, Notts, 1958, by Beatrice Lithiby


11. Long Hope, Orkney

Long Hope, 1917. Orkney., by John Lavery.


12. Alexandra Palace, London

Deep Over-Night Fallen Snow, 1916, by George Kenner.


13.Bomb Devastation: Haberdashers' Aske's School, Acton

Bomb Devastation: Haberdashers' Aske's School, Acton, 1942, by Anne F Wilson


14. France

A scene showing distribution of rations among British soldiers billeted in a ruined farmhouse. A horse-drawn cart is delivering the rations in the left foreground. Some women are mingling with the soldiers, one holding a large basket. A woman is ploughing a field in upper left background. There is snow on the ground, and the roofs of buildings, and most of the figures wear long overcoats.
© IWM (Art.IWM ART 4664)

In Billets, Winter: Rations Up, 1921, by Herbert A Budd.

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A series of figures, with only their heads and shoulders visible, are gathered together at a dockside with a warship recently returned from the Falklands looming over them in the background. There is a coffin covered with a British Union Jack flag amongst them, juxtaposed with the hands of some of the figures making victory signs. In the centre, a soldier and a woman kiss and embrace after being reunited. They are surrounded by the heads of eight other people.
© IWM Art.IWM ART (16248)
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Since the mid 1970s IWM has collected and commissioned contemporary artists' personal, political and conceptual responses to conflict. This has resulted in a diverse and challenging collection of artwork, the highlights of which are brought together in a new book, Art from Contemporary Conflict.

An unnaturally bright sun blazes over a landscape with a river. There is an aircraft flying over the desert in the lower right of the composition.
© IWM Art.IWM ART (4623)
First World War

Stunning Aerial Artwork Of The First World War

Brothers Sydney and Richard Carline were employed as official war artists by the Imperial War Museum during the First World War, each tasked with documenting aerial warfare. Between 1918 and 1920, the brothers produced dozens of artworks recording views over the Western Front, the Italian Front and the Middle East.

Quick read 12 Paintings Of Life Along The Western Front 1. A Street in Arras  A Street in Arras, 1918, by John Singer Sargent. A Street in Arras, 1918, by John Singer Sargent. Art.IWM ART 1607 A Street in Arras, 1918, by John Singer Sargent. Scottish infantrymen rest against the exterior wall of a shell-damaged building in Arras.  2. Oppy Wood  Oppy Wood, 1917. Evening, 1918, by John Nash. Oppy Wood, 1917. Evening, 1918, by John Nash.
© IWM Art.IWM ART (2243)
Western Front

12 Paintings Of Life Along The Western Front

Discover 12 paintings depicting life along the Western Front by a selection of artists. Including insightful works by John Singer Sargent, John Nash, Paul Nash, Henry Tonks and William Orpen. 

Visiting artist, Gareth Reid, finding out about war artists John and Paul Nash and sketching in the IWM mock trench
First World War

How did artists sketch in the trenches during the First World War?

The art that emerged from the First World War provided a window into all corners of the conflict. We invited professional artist Gareth Reid, winner of Sky Arts' Portrait Artist of the Year, to visit IWM London to find out more about war artists and to produce several sketches in a reproduction trench, inspired by artists who worked near the front line.