1. A Handkerchief In Time Saves Nine

'A handkerchief in time saves nine and helps to keep the nation fighting fit. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases'.


2. Walk Short Distances - Go by Shanks' Pony

'Walk short distances - go by shanks' pony and leave room for those who have longer journeys'.


3. Be Like Dad - Keep Mum!

'Be like Dad - keep mum! Careless talk costs lives'.


4. Better Pot-Luck Than Humble Pie

'Better pot-luck with Churchill today than humble pie under Hitler tomorrow. Don’t waste food!’


5. Staggered Holidays Help Everybody

'Staggered holidays help everybody. There's more room remember in June and September'.


6. Doctor Carrot - The Children's Best Friend

'Doctor Carrot - the children's best friend'.


7. Think Twice - Before You Risk An Accident!

'Think twice - before you risk an accident!'


8. Plan Ahead - Allow For Growing

'Plan ahead - allow for growing'.


9. They Talked ... This Happened

'They talked ... this happened. Careless talk costs lives'.


10. Any Old Iron?

'Any old iron? Pile up the scrap metal dumps now'.


11. Save Kitchen Waste To Feed The Pigs!

'Save kitchen waste to feed the pigs! Keep it dry, free from glass, metal, bones, paper etc. It also feeds poultry ... Your Council will collect'.

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