On which day(s) will you be attending?
Has the editor of your media organisation confirmed publication of your review?
Select which air shows you have attended as accredited media since 2015
Please email your last review of an IWM Duxford air show, or provide a link to your website or a file transfer
Please email a letter on your employing organisation's letter headed paper confirming your details and that you have been commissioned to cover the air show in a newsgathering or photography capacity
Will you be requiring a car pass?
Please confirm that you have read the terms and conditions below
1. Accreditation is issued in the name of the applicant only and is non-transferable.
2. Accreditation will be granted to no more than two persons from any single organisation. 
3. Submission of an application does not guarantee accreditation as demand for accreditation always exceeds the number of places available. If you have been contacted regarding your application, please do not assume that your application has been successful. Please contact Rachel Powell or Esther Blaine at 
4. Media accreditation will not be allocated to friends or partners - they will need to purchase separate tickets.
5. You must register at the media centre for briefing and to collect your media badge. Only then will you be fully accredited. 
6. Personal belongings and equipment are left in the media centre at your own risk.
7. You are requested to return or destroy your media passes if you are unable to attend.
8. Any film, photographs or information gathered at IWM Duxford may only be used for newsgathering purposes and not for commercial sales.