Jay, veteran participating in IWM's We Were There programme.

9 Questions...

  • Where do you call home?

    Originally New York, but now Manchester.

  • What conflict(s) do you discuss when volunteering for We Were There?

    Vietnam War; Gulf War (Desert Shield/Desert Storm) and Bosnian War (Operation Deliberate Force).

  • How were you involved in that conflict?

    Vietnam War: I served during that time but did not go to Vietnam. Gulf War: I served on the first ship to pull into Kuwait after the hostilities ended, and did some remedial work on the American School. Bosnian War: the ship I served on helped rescue the drowned American Air Force pilot.

  • How long have you been volunteering for WWT?

    About one year.

  • What do you enjoy most about participating in WWT?

    Talking and interacting with children. Also making them understand that the world is a big place with conflicts all over.

  • Tell us your favourite moment so far during the sessions?

    Seeing the different age groups and telling my story, changing the language/tone for the various age groups.

  • What’s your favourite object in IWM’s collections and why?

    For me it would be the AV-8A Harrier Jump Jet – as they flew off the ship I was stationed on. I saw them take off, both on and off land.

  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Mostly Facebook – sad I know, but I also look after the house and enjoy ocean cruising.

  • What is your favourite biscuit?

    Biscuits with white sauce gravy – in America biscuits are like scones. 

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