Saturday 14 – Sunday 15 December

11am – 4pm

IWM North


Free event

‘To release ships on the fighting fronts, you, on the ‘Kitchen Front’, have the job of using these foods to the greatest advantage…’

Advice from the Ministry of Food throughout the Second World War encouraged families to eat vegetables for ‘buoyant vitality’ and use foods like flour, oats and potatoes to ‘build up satisfying meals’.

Feeding a family was a daily struggle with shortages and endless queues – just because you had coupons in your ration book didn’t guarantee the shop would have what you needed available.

Rationing required the ability to make-do and be inventive – substituting foods in recipes and growing extra food at home.

Join us on a journey through IWM North to discover how the Kitchen Front helped the war effort!


Wartime Christmas Stories

11.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm

Main Exhibition Space, Level One

Join interactive Theatre Company Colour The Clouds for a festive, family storytelling session, exploring food and life during the Second World War.


Wartime Kitchen

12pm, 1pm and 3pm

IWM Café, Ground Level

With sugar shortages during the Second World War, discover how the humble root vegetable makes a super sugar substitute!

Sample food made to real wartime recipes by our very own Chef Tony Pickup.


Discover More

Drop-in, 11am – 4pm, Ground Level

A chance to learn about the challenges of feeding a family during wartime – with shortages, substitutions and seasonality. Get hands on with real wartime kitchen utensils and ration books to gain an insight into life on the Home Front during the Second World War.



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