Churchill War Rooms

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Life underground

Women at the switchboard in Churchill's Bunker
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For six years, hundreds of men and women, civilian and uniformed would spend thousands of vital working – and sleeping – hours in the Cabinet War Rooms.

In this small exhibition, located opposite the Transatlantic Telephone Room and just before the entrance to the Churchill Museum, discover the stories of the men and women who worked here and find out what it was really like to eat, sleep and work below the streets of London as German bombs fell.


  • Remington ‘noiseless’ Typewriter used at Churchill War Rooms
    © IWM (COM 1076)

    Noiseless Typewriter

    See the Remington Noiseless 6 on display here. Churchill hated all noise distractions, so these specially adapted typewriters were imported from the United States to be used by secretaries in the Cabinet War Rooms. 

  • Workers at Cabinet War Rooms
    IWM H7214

    Hear their words

    Listen to interviews of those who worked in the Cabinet War Rooms as they describe the atmosphere, facilities and exactly what it was like to work in secret alongside Winston Churchill.

  • CWR Pass
    IWM 10250

    Security was tight

    Gaining access to the War Rooms meant going through a strict set of security checks. Staff were issued with passes like the ones displayed in this exhibition. Workers were expected to show without fail to the guards as they passed.

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The Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, inspects a 'Tommy gun' while visiting coastal defence positions near Hartlepool. 31 July 1940.
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