24 May 2022


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The Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine has devastated the lives of millions of Ukrainians, causing a level of suffering not seen in Europe since the breakup of Yugoslavia. It is also one of the most significant international crises since the end of the Cold War, with profound and far-reaching consequences for the global economy, as well as the security of Europe and the world.

While the current realities of the war have been well-documented by the international media, in the west its historical roots are still not fully understood. How was the reign of Stalin and Soviet rule experienced in Ukraine? How is Putin able to instrumentalise 20th Century European history, particularly of the Second World War, to justify his actions? What does an analysis of Putin’s rise to power in Russia tell us about the west’s commitment to democracy and the rule of law? And what lessons can we learn from Ukraine about resistance and the protection of statehood?

To explore these questions and more, on Tuesday 24 May the IWM Institute and the Ukrainian Institute London were joined by Serhii Plokhy, Harvard Professor and the world’s foremost historian of Ukraine, for an hour of discussion with Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor of Channel 4 News.

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  • Serhii Plokhy

    Serhii Plokhy

    Serhii Plokhy is the Mykhailo Hrushevsky Professor of Ukrainian history at Harvard University, where he also serves as the Director of the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. He is the author of Atoms and Ashes: from Bikini Atoll to Fukushima and The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine.

  • Portrait photograph of Lindsey Hilsum
    Lindsey Hilsum

    Lindsey Hilsum

    Lindsey Hilsum is International Editor of Channel 4 News.

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