Until 28 February 2019

11.30am – 12.45pm

IWM Duxford

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In addition to a valid admission ticket for the day.
Black and white image of Lancaster and crew
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Once per day: 11.30am – 12.45pm


Monday 12th November – Friday 30th November


Saturday 1st December – Sunday 23rd December

Thursday 27th December – Monday 31st December


Tuesday 1st January – Thursday 31st January

On the following dates a second tour will be run 14:30 – 15:45:

Saturday 19th January

Sunday 20th January

Saturday 26th January

Sunday 27th January


Friday 1st February – Thursday 28th February

On Saturdays and Sundays a second tour will be run 14:30 – 15:45

Join one of our expert IWM guides in a behind-the-ropes exploration of the iconic Avro Lancaster. Starting with the design of the aircraft by Roy Chadwick, you will be guided through the bomber’s illustrious history, from the celebrated Dams Raid to the controversy of ‘area bombing’ under Bomber Harris. Then enter the rear of the fuselage and learn about the heroism of the young men in Bomber Command and the harsh conditions they faced in combat.

The talk will include a 45 minute talk outside the aircraft followed by a 10 minute session inside the rear of the aircraft with our guide.

Access to the inside of the Lancaster is limited due to the nature of the aircraft. A small viewing platform is in place to allow customers to view inside the rear section of the aircraft. Access to the aircraft is via a flight of steps and a small door with a ledge. Customers who have a concern regarding their ability to access the aircraft should contact us in advance to discuss their needs.


Suitable for all ages

Tours are subject to availability – please book in advance or ask in admissions on the day.

In addition to a valid admission ticket for the day.




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