2-5 April and 8-12 April 2024

10:30am-11:45am, 1pm-2:15pm, 2:45pm-4pm

IWM London


Limited availability. Reserve your tickets at the information desk on level 0.
Children at IWM's 'Camouflage Unit' take part in an activity.

This Easter, join the Camouflage Unit at IWM London. 

This Easter, experience the Camouflage Unit Camp at IWM London to learn about the art of deception and illusion in the African deserts during the Second World War.   

Try your hand at code breaking, don desert disguises and witness some mirror ‘magic’, just like the Camouflage Unit did during 'Operation Bertram' in 1942.  

Families can take part in devious deceptions and clever camouflage concealments. Help create models and take part in a series of operations based on the Battle of El-Alamein in the North African campaign. 

Two actors from the Camouflage Unit help a child with an activity using train tracks.

A team of designers and illusionists, recruited and lead by filmmaker Geoffrey Barkas, will help families make connections with the past, gain insights into real missions and consider the diverse ways in which war and conflict have impacted society.

Created in partnership with the immersive theatre and events company Curious Families UK.

The Camouflage Unit Camp is a live and immersive event with actors, suitable for families and children, recommended age 6+. This experience uses non-strobe flash lighting, shadow puppets and optical illusions and recorded sound effects throughout. Please note children 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

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Troops carrying a dummy Stuart tank, 3 April 1942.
© IWM (E 10147)
Second World War

How Camouflage Helped The Allies Win The Desert War

Visual deception played a crucial part in Allied operations during the Second World War in North Africa and the Middle East, where the desert terrain offered little opportunity for concealment. In 1941 the filmmaker Geoffrey Barkas was made Director of Camouflage at General Headquarters (GHQ) Cairo.