21 September 2019

Atrium intervention at 12 noon & 2pm, Roof Terrace talk at 3pm

IWM London

Free event

All events are free, but booking is required for the 3pm talk

Hear a ‘forbidden playlist’ of outlawed Western music that was censored in Stalin’s Soviet Bloc Russia, through live performance and a demonstration of backstreet record cutting from the X-Ray Audio Project. 

12 noon
Alex Keegan (Blood Sport) will perform live using samples from the X-Ray Audio ‘Bone Records’ project’s digital archive. He will remix the samples with live sound to create a rhythmically driven, sonic performance.

Bassist Ayse Hassan (Savages and EŞYA) will perform live with Alex Keegan (Blood Sport) weaving vocals, keyboard and bass with samples from X-Ray Audio ‘bone records’ project’s archive.

Stephen Coates and Paul Heartfield, custodians of the X-Ray Audio Project, will take part in a talk, revealing the stories of the bootleggers who defied government bans on Western music by secretly etching forbidden music onto discarded X-rays called ‘bone records’. The talk will be accompanied by a unique live performance by bassist Ayse Hassan (Savages and EŞYA) with Alex Keegan (Blood Sport), as well as a live demonstration of backstreet vinyl-cutting using an original vintage lathe.

Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis so please attend on time to help secure your place.

As not everyone who asks for tickets attends, we allocate more tickets than there are places to try to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the event.


Bassist Ayse Hassan
Ayse Hassan. Photo by Matt Farrar

Rebel Sounds Live is part of Culture Under Attack, a free season of three exhibitions, live music, performances and talks at IWM London that explore how war threatens not just people’s lives, but also the things that help define us. Telling stories spanning 100 years, Culture Under Attack reveals why some try to erase or exploit culture, while others risk everything to protect, celebrate and rebuild it.


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