Daily at 12pm

IWM North

Main Exhibition Space

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Leading poet Tony Walsh standing in the Main Exhibition Space at IWM North.
Hear the powerful poetry of Tony Walsh alongside poignant imagery from our collections in a specially commissioned Big Picture Show.

Especially commissioned by IWM, acclaimed Mancunian poet Tony Walsh wrote and recorded a poem for our Big Picture Show. The new poem, Mightier Than War, explores the triumph of the human spirit in times of conflict through his unique and enthralling storytelling.

The Big Picture Show is an immersive surround sound and 360 degree projection that brings personal experiences of conflict to life. Tony's words are accompanied by historic film footage and photographs projected onto the 27-foot-high walls of our Main Exhibition Space, immersing visitors in a moving, cinematic experience.

"Imagine all those faces from the history books, the news; imagine for one moment that you’re standing in their shoes. Imagine having hopes and dreams, then everything goes wrong; and everything you want to be – reduced to just – be strong.
So imagine if we stop and look the future in the face. Do we want to win at war enough to lose the human race?"