5th May 2018

IWM North


Free event

© IWM Members of the public and speakers talk about their involvement in IWM's pop-up Conflict Café in April 2017

What do you want to know about Syria? What is daily life like? Why and when do you make the decision to leave? How does it feel to be a foreign journalist or an aid worker?

You read about Syria in newspapers, on social media and online. You hear about the conflict on the radio, on television, and in podcasts. This is a unique opportunity to join citizens and journalists who have experienced the Syria conflict on the ground for a conversation; to hear their personal stories and to ask questions.

As part of Syria: A Conflict Explored at IWM North, a range of people now living in the North West and beyond, some of whom have fled Syria and others who have worked there, will share their stories of life in the country before and during the conflict in our pop-up Conflict Café. 

This event is part of IWM's ongoing Conflict Café series which offers a unique opportunity to meet experts and eyewitnesses in an informal setting to discuss the human impact of conflict and hear their personal stories.


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    Ages 14+