6 January 2021 to 7 March 2021

IWM Duxford

Normal Ticket £45, Gift Experience £60

Sit in our Spitfire

A pilot in the cockpit of a Spitfire
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Sit in our Spitfire

Join one of our expert IWM guides in a unique opportunity to sit inside the cockpit of an airworthy combat veteran Mark 1 Spitfire. N3200 flew with 19 Squadron from Duxford, where it was unfortunately shot down and crash landed on a beach, sinking into the sand and eventually recovered over 45 years later.

Spitfire N3200


Spitfire N3200

The experience will begin with a 20-minute talk outside the aircraft exploring the history of N3200, including its role at Dunkirk and subsequent restoration to flying condition. We will also take a wider look at the role of Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain and the important role played by Spitfires in the summer of 1940.

You’ll then spend 15 minutes inside the cockpit where you’ll be shown the controls and immerse yourself in the conditions experienced by the brave men of Fighter Command. You’ll also be able to have your photo taken by friends and family while in the cockpit.

Gift Experience

In the cockpit gift experience: Including gift tin, certificate and Spitfire socks. Surrounded by  a wreath and Christmas decorations.

Gift Experience

Give the incredible experience of In the Cockpit to a loved one to celebrate a special occasion. You can now buy this unique and exciting experience in a gift tin with a card informing them of their unique opportunity to sit in the Spitfire N3200, along with a pair of IWM spitfire socks.

A ticket for the experience will be included in the tin along with the spitfire socks and the printed explanation of the experience. The Christmas decorations are not included.

Please read all of the important information regarding the In the Cockpit experience below before booking.

Ticket does not include admission to IWM Duxford, which must be purchased separately here.

The experience will be held with Spitfire N3200 in the Conservation Hall of our AirSpace building for dates in August and September.  From October the experiences will be held in Hangar 4, our Battle of Britain Exhibition. 

Important Information

  • Each time slot is for one person as we are only able to allow access to the aircraft one at a time. If you are looking to book for more than one person, we'd recommend that you book consecutive time slots.
  • The cockpit experience is aimed at an adult audience however, we are happy to allow children aged 12 and over to participate. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance, they are not available to purchase on the day.
  • Ticket does not include admission to IWM Duxford, which must be purchased separately here.

Access Information

A diagram showing the dimensions of the cockpit of a Spitfire for reference when booking the IWM experience 'In the Cockpit: Spitfire'

Access Information

  • Access to the inside of the Spitfire is limited due to the nature of the aircraft.
  • To access the cockpit, you must be physically fit to be able to climb via a step onto the wing and then into the cockpit.
  • If your guide feels it is not safe or possible for you to access the cockpit of the Spitfire, then we reserve the right to refuse access.
  • Customers who have a concern regarding their ability to access the aircraft should contact us in advance to discuss their needs.

  • Book your ticket for In the Cockpit: Spitfire

Social Distancing Measures

Your safety is our priority. Please take a moment to read about the social distancing measures we've put in place for this event.

Prepare for your Spitfire experience

Spitfire pilots pose beside the wreckage of a Junkers Ju 87 Stuka, 1940.
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