15 March to 28 May 2018


IWM North

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Interactive audio tour / documentary / installation

Enter a building that was designed to confuse. Slip on a pair of headphones. Peer through a hospital window. And prepare to question what to believe about Syria in this 45 minute thought-provoking audio-visual experience.


If Vietnam was the first conflict on television, Syria is the first on YouTube. The number of minutes uploaded exceeds the number of real-time minutes which have passed since the conflict began on Tuesday 15 March 2011. Every day, this number rises as the vicious conflict creeps onward, but does the quantity of material available mean we understand what is happening on the ground any better?

Following a successful run at IWM London, award-winning creative collective Anagram invite visitors to IWM North to actively and intimately think about how to make sense of what we hear from Syria. Taking evidence from specific events during the battle of Aleppo in late 2016, this experience asks: is confusion a weapon being used to stop the international community from acting; who controls the fog of war?

From exposing algorithms of media moguls to grappling with our cloudy internal prejudice, I Swear to Tell the Truth is a thought-provoking experience inviting you to inspect how social and information networks have affected your perception of the world we live in, and your place in it.

Created by Anagram and commissioned by Imperial War Museums.


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  • Suitable for:

    Ages 12+

  • Duration:

    45 minutes (last start time 4pm)

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    Adult £6.00

    Concession £4.00

A visitor to IWM North taking part in the I Swear to Tell the Truth experience.

A woman looks at a dollhouse as part of I Swear to Tell the Truth

A visitor to IWM North taking part in the I Swear to Tell the Truth experience.


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