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Lookout shipmates! Some mischievous mice and crafty cats have snuck on board HMS Belfast, and are after the sailors’ jobs. Pick up a free family trail guide and see if you can find all ten of the crafty cat and mouse crew hiding in the ship.

This activity is recommended for families and children aged 7 and over. For more information on accessibility on the ship please see here. 

Meet some of the crafty crew:

With a crew of nearly 1,000 men, HMS Belfast was like a floating city with its own chapel, radio station and bakery. Discover the stories and the roles and responsibilities of the crew, who helped keep everything ship shape. 

  • A stuffed toy mouse wearing a HMS Belfast sailors cap made out of paper holds a fake bar of chocolate.

    NAAFI Staff

    NAAFI stands for the Navy Army and Air Force Institute, which provided entertainment and provision services to HMS Belfast and the armed forces since 1921. Find the NAAFI canteen on board to see where the crew would have bought a variety of goods- from toothpaste to chocolate. 

  • A stuffed toy cat is dressed as a carpenter wearing a paper HMS Belfast sailors cap with a plastic hammer.


    The Shipwright on board could be found in the workshop and was responsible for making repairs to the inside and outside of the ship.

  • A stuffed toy mouse is dressed as a doctor wearing a fake medical mask.


    The ship had a sophisticated medical centre including a sick bay, dental surgery, dispensary and examination room to help treat casualties and keep the crew fighting fit.

Cats in wartime

A black and white image of a cat sitting in a specially made hammock on board HMS Repulse
© IWM HU 99090
One of HMS Repulse's mascots. A cat named either 'Ginger' or 'Sandy' lays in a specially made hammock.

Throughout history cats have played a vital role on board Royal Navy and merchant ships, hunting for rats and mice to protect food stores. Frankenstein the cat was a particular favourite on HMS Belfast, and even had her own specially made hammock. See if you can find her hammock on board the ship today. 

Learn more about how cats and other animals have helped the war effort from the First World War to the present day here.

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