IWM Duxford

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Inside the Historic Duxford exhibition

In this historic building, which was the original airfield’s Watch Office, discover Duxford’s history and hear from the of the men and women who lived served here.

Get to know Duxford’s people; fighter ‘ace’ Douglas Bader, First World War clerk Muriel Derby and the coal-miner's son who became one of Duxford’s most celebrated fighter pilots.

Through their own words, IWM archive film and historic objects, you’ll hear the stories of some the thousands of men and women who lived and worked here.


  • Historic Duxford exhibition

    Explore the sights and sounds of Duxford's past

    Fill a pilot’s brain with knowledge, learn about the important jobs people held at Duxford and discover the Battle of Britain story though hands- on activities.

    Hear personal stories and discover historic objects as you make your way around the exhibition.

  • Watch Room Historic Duxford

    The Watch Office

    This historical building was the nerve centre of the airfield and is where the Duty Pilot would monitor all aircraft taking off and landing. It’s been restored to look exactly as it would have done in the 1930s.

  • Outside Battle of Britain Ops Block

    Historic Duxford Trail

    Follow the eight-point Historic Duxford trail that guides you around the site.

    Visit the recreated Operations Block, listen to archive sound clips from men and women who served at RAF Duxford, and see many of the different aircraft types that flew from the historic airfield.

IWM Stories

IWM Duxford - In 1940, Duxford played a vital role in the Battle of Britain
IWM Duxford

Voices of Duxford

Hear the powerful stories of the men and women who served at Duxford, from the Battle of Britain to the Cold War. 

Pilots of No. 19 and No. 616 Squadrons pose alongside a Spitfire at Duxford. Sitting on wing (left to right) are Brian Lane, George Unwin and Francis Brinsden (with Flash the Alsation and Rangy the Spaniel). Front row (left to right) are Bernard Jennings, Colin McFie, Howard Burton and Philip Leckman.
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IWM Duxford

13 Photos Of Duxford And Fowlmere During The Battle Of Britain

During the Battle of Britain, Duxford and Fowlmere had two main jobs - to protect the Midlands and help the fighters of 11 Group when needed. 11 Group was responsible for the south-east of England, including London, and bore the brunt of the fighting in the summer of 1940. Here are 13 photos that showcase life at Duxford and Fowlmere during the Battle of Britain. 

Duxford from the west. Note the temporary Bessoneau hangars towards the middle left of the picture.
First World War

American Airmen, Duxford and the First World War

The first powered, sustained and controlled flight was made by the American Wright brothers in 1903. But during the First World War, little more than a decade later, other nations took the lead in aviation.