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Historic Duxford

Douglas Bader posing for the camera on his Hawker Hurricane

Historic Duxford

In this small historic building get to know Duxford’s people; fighter ‘ace’ Douglas Bader, First World War clerk Muriel Derby and the coalminer’s son who became one of Duxford’s most celebrated fighter pilots.

Through their own words, original film and real objects, you will discover the stories of some the thousands of men and women who lived and worked here.

Immerse all your senses with our creative hands-on experiences within this exhibition.

Spotlight: Historic Duxford

  • Historic Duxford interactive exhibits
    Explore the sights and sounds of Duxford's past

    Try on a replica uniform, fill a pilot’s brain with flying knowledge, and get up close to the personal items of the people who lived and worked at Duxford.

  • Watch Room Historic Duxford
    The Watch Office

    In the 1930s this building was manned by the Duty Pilot who observed each day's flying activities as the Watch Office.


    Within the exhibit, a room has been restored, including the correct shade of green paint on the walls.

  • Visitors on the electric vehicle during their historic tour of Duxford
    Duxford Uncovered: The Historic Site

    Explore some of the notable wartime buildings of IWM Duxford, crossing the historic Bailey Bridge into the rarely seen North Camp.


    View the Grade II-listed Officer’s Mess, former barracks and NAAFI store where Duxford’s servicemen could relax after a long day’s efforts during war and at peacetime.


Duxford Airfield

IWM Duxford
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