23 - 31 October 2021

10am - 3pm Drop In

IWM Duxford


Free event with general admission

There's plenty of fun at IWM Duxford this October half term, with free family activities daily. 

Put your paper plane making skills to the test as you try to beat the world record with Flight Academy, travel back in time to D-Day 1944 with our Family Mission and save our iconic aircraft in Aeroplane Investigators.

Head to the American Air Museum and build your very own bespoke cockpit in Cockpit Control or help restore our hacked system in Airforce Action Stations.

All activities are drop in and are recommended for families with children aged 7+. Activities vary daily, we recommend checking details at the Visit Planning Point upon arrival.


Flight Academy

Boy throwing a paper aircraft inside AirSpace

Flight Academy

Join our Flight Academy and discover the forces of flight.

You and your family will be equipped with everything your need to make the world’s best paper plane – including a special code name!

Pick up one of our specially prepared paper plane flight packs and you'll have all you need to make your own Avro Vuclan, Lockheed Blackbird and also the World Record breaking design that has flown for 69 metres.

Test out your constructions on our Flight Academy research runways in the Conservation Hall in Air Space. 

Airforce Action Stations

Airforce Actions Stations Mimi device

Airforce Action Stations

Calling all families to Airforce Action Stations: Report to the American Air Museum to meet The Director and pick up your MIMI Device.

Our system has been hacked and we need you to connect to our only remaining satellite and restore the files of the amazing aircraft in the American Air Museum.

It's up to you to asses their strengths and weaknesses and deploy these birds to bases around the world...good luck we are counting on you.

Learn about aircraft used in The Cold War in this new activity developed for Imperial War Museums by Friday Sundae Studios in collaboration with CBBC's Ben Shires. 

This activity takes place in the American Air Museum. For the best experience we recommend setting aside 30 mins for this activity. 

Family Mission: D-Day Edition

Family enjoying Family Mission: D-Day edition at IWM Duxford

Family Mission: D-Day Edition

Prepare for the big jump.

It’s 1944 and the most important day of the war so far is looming. You and your family are needed as the latest recruits of paratroopers.

As a team use your Jump Bag to spot a Spitfire from just its sound, perfect how to land safely and be assigned your rank.

Learn about the biggest invasion in history as you explore IWM Duxford. This interactive storytelling experience is based on personal stories from those who served on D-Day.

This activity directs you around different areas of IWM Duxford. For the best experience we recommend setting aside an hour for this activity. We advise to pick up your jump bag first thing as these are available on first come, first serve basis. 

Created by KIT Theatre and Kirsty Harris.

Aeroplane Investigators

Girl helping to clean model aircraft wing

Aeroplane Investigators

Calling all aeroplane investigators! We need your help to save IWM Duxford’s iconic aircraft.

Get hands on this half term – search for mysterious forces and microscopic beasts burrowing into pilot seats; test expert packing techniques to protect fragile objects; learn how to use specialised equipment and more!

Join our team of expert conservators and get into the nuts and bolts of the investigation to help prevent damage to our world famous aircraft.

Cockpit Control

Girl taking part in Cockpit control at IWM Duxford

Cockpit Control

Welcome to the United States Air Force at IWM Duxford.

Before you can take control of the cockpit yourselves, we need you to investigate why so many Air Force pilots are crashing. Report to the Captain in the American Air Museum to get your action report, understand the facts and find out what is going wrong.

Measure up against fellow pilots of all shapes and sizes, and work as a team to engineer your very own cockpit.

This fun and interactive family game is based on the technological developments seen in the American Air Force in the late 1940s. Through this activity, learn how engineering and maths helped cockpit designers improve flight safety and open opportunities for future pilots.

Developed with TV Presenter Ben Shires, host of Officially Amazing and Match of the Day: Kick About.

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