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Wed – Sun, 10am – 4pm (See holiday exceptions below)

IWM Duxford

Adult £15, Child £7.50

Concessions available. IWM Members Free

IWM Duxford’s illustrious past is present all around when you walk the grounds of this historic site. 

This discounted outdoor-only ticket is still packed full of exciting things to see and learn.

Duxford Outdoors is open five days a week, with additional dates during holidays:

Easter: Mon 12 – Sun 18 April

May Bank Holiday: Mon 2 – Sun 9 May

We strongly recommend booking in advance.

Members go free

Make the most of summer with an IWM membership. Get free entry to Duxford Outdoors and then return again for unlimited free entry to IWM Duxford once the museum is re-open. Plus free access to Flying Days, 10% off Air Show tickets and much more!


IWM Duxford, Children running between planes


  • Spread your wings and let off steam across the grounds of this historic site and live airfield - where iconic aircraft still take to the skies!
  • Uncover the outdoor history from Battle of Britain to Dunkirk with our family-friendly self-guided trail.
  • Grab a coffee-to-go from our takeaway cafe and walk the mile-long distance of the airfield.
  • Visit our museum shop which is part of the Visitor Centre, open to welcome you on your arrival.


RAF Duxford


IWM Duxford stands apart from other aviation museums because the site is an exhibit itself. The bricks and mortar of IWM Duxford’s historical architecture hold over a century of stories.

Over the past 100 years, Duxford has been a continual witness to world-changing events, where ordinary people have shared extraordinary experiences.

Built in 1917 and used as a training station for the Royal Air Force, this fighter base played an important role in the Battle of Britain during the Second World War and, it was also home to the American 78th Fighter Group, who provided air cover to the Allied invasion forces on D-Day.



Counting the Cost sculpture memorial


  • Glimpse inside huge aircraft hangars
  • Step back and enjoy our Grade II* listed First World War Hangars 
  • Marvel at the award-winning Foster & Partners designed American Air Museum, recently celebrated with its own Grade II* listing. 
  • Discover memorials from British artist Renato Niemis’ evocative glass sculpture, ‘Counting the Cost’, Steven Oliver's Royal Anglian Regiment statue and Zenos Frudakis' bronze sculpture 'Honor Guard'
  • Meet our expert volunteers across site, on hand to point you in the direction of hidden gems usually missed on a regular museum visit.

Stories anytime, anywhere

Stories anytime, anywhere

Uncover stories about IWM Duxford and Churchill War Rooms with our free digital guides available on the Bloomberg Connects app. Delve deeper into the exhibitions at these historical sites and hear insights from IWM curators. 
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What will I be able to see and do at Duxford Outdoors?

From Monday 12 April, visitors will be welcomed back on site to IWM Duxford to explore the grounds and outdoor areas. Visitors can follow a self-guided trail across the site, learn about Duxford’s fascinating history and discover more from our IWM staff and volunteers who will be on hand to offer socially distanced assistance. In line with current government guidance, we are not permitted to allow visitors inside the museum exhibitions or hangars. 

On arrival, there will be information and leaflets available at the IWM Shop to help you make the most of your day, including details of any aircraft which may be taking to the skies.  

What are the opening hours and days for Duxford Outdoors?

Duxford Outdoors will be open five days a week (Wednesday to Sunday 10am-4pm), apart from the weeks beginning 12 April and 3 May, when we will also open on Monday and Tuesday. 

Can I purchase tickets on the day or do I need to book in advance?

Tickets must be purchased in advance of your visit via our website. Advance booking will allow us to ensure the number of visitors on site does not exceed the maximum capacity permitted.  

What health and safety measures will be in place on site?

We have taken the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the health and safety of our visitors remains our top priority and Duxford Outdoors adheres to current government guidance.  

 These measures include: 

  • Continued closure of indoor hangars and exhibitions  

  • Limiting the number of visitors on site  

  • Visitors must only attend in groups which contain a maximum of 6 people or 2 households 

  • Installing signage and markers throughout the site encouraging people to keep their distance and follow guidelines  

  • Providing hand sanitising stations  

  • Requesting that all visitors wear face masks while on site. Please note that this is mandatory when in the visitor centre and IWM shop  

  • Ensuring all IWM staff and volunteers wear face masks at all times  

  • We will be accepting card payments only at IWM Shop  

  • Regularly cleaning public areas, such as toilets and the visitor centre 

  • IWM is working with the governments NHS Test and Trace tracking system. Please note that your contact details, group size and time of visit will be collected when you book or attend one of our branches. 

Will retail and catering facilities be open?

Visitors will be able to purchase takeaway drinks, sandwiches and cakes from an on-site catering van during their visit. We have a number of picnic benches and seating areas across the site which visitors are welcome to use during their visit.  

As the IWM Shop is a non-essential retail space this will be open to the public in line with government guidelines. Visitors will be able to collect their tickets from the shop and browse an array of books and gifts.  

Will I be able to access any of the indoor areas of the museum?

Due to the current coronavirus restrictions, we are not currently allowed to open any of the indoor areas of our museums. We think this is a great opportunity, however, to step back and look at the historic buildings themselves, including our Grade II* listed First World War Hangars and the Foster & Partners designed American Air Museum, recently celebrated with its own Grade II* listing. 

What facilities will be open?

The IWM Shop at Duxford will be open as it is classified as a retail space which are permitted to be open from 12 April.   

Toilet facilities by hangars 3 and 4 will also be open and cleaned at regular intervals.  

Will there be aircraft flying during my visit?

As with any visit to Duxford, visitors may get lucky and spot a variety of aircraft take to the skies across the historic airfield. On the day of your visit, please ask one of our staff or volunteers who will be able to inform you of any planned flying activity taking place on the day.  

Do members get free admission to Duxford Outdoors?

Yes, IWM Members will gain free admittance to Duxford Outdoors.  

Are dogs permitted at Duxford Outdoors?

Only assistance dogs will be permitted on site.  

Will there be staff/volunteers around the site to engage visitors and interpret the closed hangars/buildings? 

 A number of staff and volunteers will be stationed across the site offering socially distanced assistance and sharing information about the areas of interest identified on the Duxford Outdoors site map. 

When will the museum fully reopen?

At present, we do not have a fixed date for when IWM Duxford and our other sites will reopen to the public and we are making sure to follow the latest government guidance. Please sign up to our Enews to be the first to know.

Will the children's play area be open?

We are planning on opening the children's play area on 12 April, subject to guidance from the government.