Over three, windy and cold days, Spirit of Britain proudly helped IWM Duxford to create the new marketing campaign for Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show 2019.

Specialising in reconstructing the past, it was important for everyone involved to create a film and photography shoot that was authentic – the important role historic RAF Duxford played during the Second World War, and the men and women who served, are at the heart of our weekend event on 21-22 September.

During our shoot, we spoke to the Spirit of Britain team to find out more about Spirit of Britain’s connection to historic Duxford, and the Battle of Britain Air Show.

Battle of Britain Spirit of Britain photo shoot

Who are Spirit of Britain?

"We reconstruct the past, specialising in the period between 1900 and 1950. We aim to portray the life, during peace and war, of British citizens in a variety of roles, from delivery drivers in a local town to soldiers on active service in foreign lands.

All members are attired correctly, down to the last detail, including weapons, equipment and props. Our interest lies in portraying the ordinary man or woman in the street, going about their daily business, and these impressions are always changing and evolving.

We are all enthusiasts who have specific knowledge areas which, when combined, produce the very best living history display".

Battle of Britain Air Show Spirit of Britain live side photo shoot

Tell us about who you represent at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show and why?

"The Battle of Britain was a point in history where ordinary people lived through very extraordinary circumstances and fought courageously, and we as members of Spirit of Britain think it’s very important to portray that period in history accurately.

Duxford is the home of the Spitfire and a few squadrons, including 19 Squadron, who were the first to be equipped with the Spitfire in 1938. It’s the squadron we’re most interested in as they were based in Duxford – or just over at Manor Farm near Fowlmere.

Part of the reason we are so interested in them is because of the photographic evidence of the groups themselves and what they did. We rely heavily on photographic resources as well as written accounts. Brian Lane squadron leader wrote a book - which I think was published in 1942 and this source, alongside all the pictures, is the basis of what we do".

Spirit of Britain camp at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show 2018

Will you be at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show 2019?

"The Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show provides a perfect opportunity to look back at the brave men and women who fought and served through the Second World War.

We’re really looking forward to talking to the tens of thousands of people who attend this sell-out show to share the stories and experiences of 19 Squadron and the men and women who lived through the Summer of 1940".

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Battle of Britain Air Show 2019 film

Featuring Spirit of Britain

Battle of Britain Air Show 2019 film