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2019 Highlights

Flying display started at 1.15pm (Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September 2019)

All flying is subject to weather and serviceability and is subject to amendments on the day.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the film Battle of Britain, our flying display will celebrate the role Duxford has played in making movie history.

Flying Highlights

  • Buchon Bf109s at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Battle of Britain film scenario

    Set your watches for 1.15pm – the Battle of Britain film scenario will recreate the airfield attack scene from the 1969 film Battle of Britain.


    Filmed at Duxford 50 years ago, we’ll be remaking film history in the sky, to celebrate the golden anniversary of this much loved British film.

  • Avro Lancaster at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

    Don't miss the chance to witness the moving sight and sound of the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at 1.40pm.


    In commemoration of those who have fallen in the service of this country “Lest We Forget”.

  • Mass Spitfire formation at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Mass Spitfire formation

    At 4.50pm,see the now famous Spitfire Flypast, filling the sky over Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show. You can’t imagine the experience until you’ve experienced it!


    The flypast will end with a poignant solo from Spitfire MH434, in tribute to legendary display pilot Mark Hanna.

The Spitfires

N3200 Dunkirk film interview set

The Spitfires

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia N3200

The film Dunkirk held its world premiere in Leicester Square almost two years ago, on 13 July 2017. Hailed by critics as one of director Christopher Nolan's best works, many argue Dunkirk belongs in the pantheon of the great war films. In particular the incredible flying scenes captured cinema-goers imaginations across the globe.

[SPOILER ALERT] Did you know one of the most iconic scenes in the film, when Spitfire pilot Farrier, played by Tom Hardy, crash-lands on the beach and is captured by German soldiers – mirrors a true story?

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Stephenson flew from RAF Duxford and as part of Operation Dynamo, Stephenson piloted his Spitfire Mk.I across the channel.
After a dogfight, Stephenson was shot down. He crash-landed on a beach at Sangatte, near Calais. 

While this is where the story ends in the film, Stephenson's continues. He was immediately captured and became a prisoner of war until 1945. He spent a period of his imprisonment in Colditz Castle. Here he was part of a team who built their own glider in an attempt to escape.

Meanwhile, the Spitfire he had been flying sunk into the sand. It was only 46 years later that strong currents unveiled the wreckage. After restoration the sunken Spitfire returned to the air in 2014.  Spitfire N3200 will be flying as one of the stars of Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show.

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  • Spitfire PR.XI Hangar 11
    John Dibbs
    Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk.XI PL965

    This rare and original aircraft carried out 40 missions over occupied Europe with 16 squadron RAF, during 1944-1945.

  • Spitfire HF IX Boultbee
    Supermarine Spitfire HF Mk.IX RR232

    Known as the 'City of Exeter', Spitfire RR232 flies from the same airfield as it did 75 years ago, Goodwood Aerodrome (RAF Westhampnett).


  • Spitfire Vb at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb BM597

    Spitfire Vb, BM597 was used to make the master moulds for the fibreglass Spitfires and stared in the films Battle of Britain (1969) and Pearl Harbour (2001).

  • Spitfire Mk.IXb MH434
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXb MH434

    Spitfire MH434 is perhaps the most famous of all Spitfires still flying today.


    The star of many films, including Battle of Britain (1969), A Bridge Too Far (1977) and Dark Blue World (2001), it is flown at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show in memory of the late Mark Hanna.

  •  Spitfire Mk.XVII SM845 at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVIII SM845

    Spitfire Mk.XVIII, SM845 is a post-Second World War fighter which originally flew for the RAF South East Asia Air Command and Indian Air Force.

  • Spitfire Mk.1 AR213 at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia AR213

    Once the personal aircraft of RAF fighter ace Ginger Lacey, Spitfire Mk.Ia AR213 was used in the filming of Battle of Britain (1969) and recently Dunkirk (2017).


    Today the Spitfire represents a Mk.IIa of No. 71 Eagle Squadron and is owned by Comanche Fighters.

  • Spitfire Mk.I X4650 at Duxford Air Shows
    Darren Harbar
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia X4650

    A film star as part of Dunkirk (2017), Spitfire Ia, X4650 flew from Biggin Hill in 2012 following restoration. The aircraft is owned by Comanche Fighters.

  • Spitfire T9 PV202 ARC at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire T9 PV202

    Following service with the RAF during the Second World War and conversion to a 2-seat trainer for the Irish Air Corps, Spitfire PV202 was purchased for the filming of Battle of Britain (1969).

  • Spitfire T9 PT462 ARC at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire T9 PT462

    With service thoughout Europe late into the Second World War and Post War, Spitfire PT462 carries the RAF squadron markings it wore in 1945.


    Converted to a 2-Seat trainer it is now owned and operated by Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford.

  • Spitfire Mk.XVI TD248 atDuxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVIe TD248

    Using the American built Rolls-Royce Packard-Merlin engine, Spitfire Mk.XVIe TD248 served with the Post-War Royal Air Force before being used for the film Battle of Britain (1969).

  • Spitfire T9 operated by Aerolegends
    Richard Paver
    Supermarine Spitfire T9 NH341

    Spitfire T9 NH341 flew for the Royal Canadian Air Force's no. 411 'Grizzly Bear' Squadron.


    There were nine different pilots who flew NH341 in 27 operational sorties over France as part of 2nd TAF operations, all survived the war. This Spitfire has been converted into a 2-seat trainer.

  • Spitfire Mk.IX TD314 at IWM Duxford
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire HF Mk.IX TD314

    Spitfire TD314 is heavily featured in the Haynes Spitfire manual, its picture pride of place on the front cover.

  • Spitfire Mk.VIII at Duxford Air Shows
    M Dorst
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII MV154 (D-FEUR)

    A rare version of the Spitfire, MV154 is based in Germany.

  • Spitfire Mk.Vb EP120 at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk.Vb EP120

    In the markings of 402 Sqn ‘City of Winnipeg’ RCAF, Spitfire EP120 is one of the most credited historic aircraft left anywhere in the world with an impressive seven confirmed kills.

  • Spitfire Mk.Vc JG891at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk.Vc JG891

    Originally issued to the Royal Australian Air Force, JG891 now displays the authentic colours of a Spitfire Mk.Vc of 249 Sqn operating from Ta Qali airfield, Malta in 1943.

  • The Grace Spitfire at Dxuford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire T9 ML407

    The Grace Spitfire ML407 is a D-Day veteran, credited with the first enemy aircraft shot down over the Normandy beachhead on 6th June.


    Converted to a 2-seat trainer it flew for the Irish Air Corps as IAC162.

  • Spitfire Mk.Vc EE602 at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc EE602

    Spitfire EE602 'Mabel' was fitted with a universal “C” wing enabling the fighter to be armed with eight machine guns, four 20mm canons or a mix of machine guns and canons.

  • Spitfire Mk.XIX owned by Rolls-Royce
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIX PS853

    PS853 has become widely known as an ambassador for Rolls-Royce, after previously being flown and operated by the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.


    It is now often referred to as ‘the Rolls-Royce Spitfire’ and is an unarmed, high-­altitude photo-­reconnaissance version of the Spitfire.

  • Spitfire Mk.XIV MV293 at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV MV293

    Flown with the RAF and Indian Air Force after the Second World War, Spitfire MV293 is in the colours of RAF Ace Jonnie Johnson.

  • Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV RN201

    Flying for the Belgian Air Force post-War, Spitfire RN201 had been operating in the USA since early 2000's until this summer. We welcome it back to Duxford Air Shows.

  • Hawker Hurricane Mk.I V7947
    © IWM
    Hawker Hurricane Mk.I V7947

    This Hurricane is a Battle of Britain veteran that saw combat history operating from RAF Kenley in the summer of 1940. V7497 is now based at IWM Duxford.

  • Hawker Hurricane Mk.I R4118
    Hawker Hurricane Mk.I R4118

    During the Battle of Britain, Hurricnae R4118 was thrown into the heat of battle against the Luftwaffe from RAF Croydon.


    In the hands of Bunny Currant, Archie Milne and Bob Foster, she flew 49 sorties, shooting down or damaging five enemy aircraft.

  • Hawker Hurricane Mk.I P2902
    Hawker Hurricane Mk.I P2902

    Built in 1939, Hurricane P2902 was operational with 245 RAF Squadron based at Drem on the East Coast of Scotland engaged on shipping protection patrols.

  • Hurricane XII at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Hawker Hurricane Mk XIIa 5711

    The Hurricane was the RAF's first monoplane fighter, going into service with the Royal Air Force.


    5711 stared in the films Pearl Harbour (2001) and Squadron 303 (2018).


  • Avro Lancaster at Duxford Air SHows
    © IWM
    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

    Avro Lancaster PA474

    Supermarine Spitfire

    Hawker Hurricane

  • Yak 3 Will Greenwood
    Yakolev Yak 3 G-OLEG

    A Second World War Soviet fighter developed from the Yak-1.


    First flow in 1943 it proved to be a very capable dogfighter with outstanding maneuverability and high rate of climb. 

  • Yak 9
    Emiliano Del Buono
    Yakolev Yak 9 HB-RYA

    The Yak 9 was a Soviet fighter during the Second World War.


    Fast and agile at low level, it's performance was comparable to the Spitfire Mk.IX, Focke-Wulf 19OA and Bf109.

  • B-17G Flying Fortress Sally B at Duxford Air Shows
    B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sally B'

    The last remaining airworthy B-17 in Europe, 'Sally B' is a testament to the efforts of those who support her and a flying memorial to the thousands of young Americans who gave their lives during the Second World War.


    On screen the aircraft is most famous as Memphis Belle in the 1990 blockbuster and still bares the famous nose art.

  • Great War Display Team at Duxford Air Shows
    Bremont Great War Display Team

    Expect mid-air theatre and dynamic display flying, including explosive Pyrotechnics, as we are transported back to the early days of aerial warfare.


    The team have been used in the filming of Flyboys (2006) and most recently Wonder Woman (2017).

  • P-51D Mustang Hangar 11
    John Dibbs
    North American P-51D Mustang 44-72035

    Almost totally original as built in 1944, an original "Tuskegee" fighter, 44-72035 is a rare and special P-51 Mustang.


    She still carries evidence of her battle scars with repairs just behind the pilot’s position on both sides of the fuselage, and puncture repairs to the fin.

  • Hawker Fury at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Hawker Fury K5674

    The Hawker Fury is widely regarded as the epitome of biplane fighter development and arguably the most beautiful biplane ever created.

  • Mig 15 UTI at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI “RED 18”

    This aircraft is a Polish-built SB Lim-2 (MiG-15UTI), produced by WSK-Mielec in 1952.


    The aircraft is operated by the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron as a representative of the Cold War ‘enemy’.

  • North American Yale
    North American NA-64 Yale G-BYNF

    Built as an advanced trainer and used by the Armée de l'Air and Royal Canadian Air Force.


    The first feature length Hollywood production filmed entirely in Canada, Captains of the Clouds (1942) featured Yale aircraft.

  • T-33 Silver Star
    Jan Jørgensen
    Canadair T-33 Silver Star 133599

    The T-33 entered service in the Royal Canadian Air Force as its primary training aircraft for fighter/interceptors.


    The RCAF named it the "Silver Star" in honour of Canada's first flight of a heavier-than-air craft, the AEA Silver Dart.

  • Vultee BT-12 Valiant flying above the sea
    Ben Ullings/
    Vultee BT-13 Valiant N313BT

    Nicknamed Vultee Vibrator by student pilots who flew it, the Valiant was used as a primary trainer during the Second World War.

  • P-47D Thunderboltat Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 'Nellie' G-THUN

    Known as 'the Jug', P-47 Thunderbolts of the USAAF 78th Fighter Group flew from RAF Duxford in support of the D-Day invasions in June 1944.

  • Blenheim Mk.I at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Bristol Blenheim Mk.I L6739

    The only Bristol Blenheim flying in the world. Owned and operated by Aircraft Restoration Company, the fighter stared in Dunkirk (2017).

  • Westland Lysander
    Westland Lysander V9312

    Built by Westlands during 1940, V9312 is believed to be the only solely Westland built Lysander to be restored to airworthy condition in the UK, the others having incorporated Canadian built components.

  • Hispano Buchon Yellow 7 at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Hispano HA-1112-M4L Buchón “Yellow 7” G-AWHM

    The Hispano Buchón is a Spanish built, Rolls-Royce Merlin powered Messerschmitt Bf109 fighter, flown by the Spanish Air Force.


    This aircraft was used in the film Battle of Britain (1969).

  • Hispano Buchon Yellow 7 above the clouds
    Air Leasing Ltd
    Hispano HA-1112-M4L Buchón “White 9” G-AWHH

    This Spanish fighter was one of 17 Buchón's used in the filming of Battle of Britain (1969) at Duxford. It is in the markings of Luftwaffe JG52 leader Edmund Roβmann.

  • Hispano Buchon Yellow 10 at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Hispano HA-112 MIL Buchón “Yellow 10” G-AWHK

    A film star of Battle of Britain (1969) and Valkyrie (2008) starting Tom Cruise, Hispano Buchón "Yellow 10" is based at IWM Duxford, owned by Historic Flying Limited.

  • Hispano HA-1112-M1L Buchón C.4K-152/220 "White 5" G-AWHR

    "White 5" G-AWHR and all other Hispano Buchon's at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show were used in the filming of Battle of Britain (1969). Luftwaffe ace Adolf Galland flew this aircraft as an adviser during filming.

  • Lysander III at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Westland Lysander Mk.III SD V9552

    The Lysander III S.D. (Special Duties) was employed by No. 161 RAF Squadron on clandestine night flying operations from RAF Tempsford and Tangmere between 1942 and 1945.

  • Gloster Gladiator Mk.I at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Gloster Gladiator Mk.I L8032

    Gladiator Mk.1, owned by The Shuttleworth Collection, is painted as K7985 of 73 Squadron RAF, the aircraft flown by the Second World War ace ‘Cobber’ Kain at the 1937 Hendon Air Pageant.

  • Sea Fury T20 Navy Wings at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Hawker Sea Fury T.20

    One of the fastest single piston-engined production aircraft ever built, the Sea Fury was the last propeller driven fighter to serve in the Royal Navy.

  • P-51 Mustang The Shark at Duxford Air Show
    © IWM
    North American P-51D Mustang 44-73877

    Serving the USAAF and Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War, P-51 44-73877 has starred in a number of films including Empire of the Sun (1987) and Memphis Belle (1990).

  • P-51D Mustang Miss Helen at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    North American P-51D Mustang 44-72216

    A film star in Memphis Belle 1990, P-51D 'Miss Helen' wears the colours of 352nd FG 487th FS who she originally flew with from RAF Bodney, Norfolk.

  • Hawker Sea Fury T20 at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Hawker Sea Fury T.20 WG655

    Used as a target tug by the Luftwaffe in the 50's, Hawker Sea Fury WG655 is now based at Duxford.

  • Corsair at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Goodyear Corsair FG-1D

    The Corsair proved to be a formidable fighter and ground attack aircraft during the war in the Pacific. The Fighter Collections FG-1D is in the colours of a Corsair flown by the Royal Navy.

  • Wildcat at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Grumman Wildcat FM2

    The tiny Wildcat flew for all active U.S Navy fighter squadrons in the Pacific War as well as the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm.

  • Bearcat at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat

    The Bearcat, although too late for action during the Second World War flew for the U.S Navy and French Air Force during the Korean War and Indo-China conflict out performing many early Jet fighter aircraft of the time.

  • Harvard at Duxford Air Shows
    Aircraft Restoration Company
    North American Harvard Mk.IV ‘Taz’

    Harvard Mk.IV 'Taz' is used by Aircraft Restoration Company as a “Warbird” conversion training aircraft and is often used as an air-to-air camera platform.


    The aircraft has a purpose built camera mount installed and has been used for film and TV work.

  • TF-51 Mustang at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    North American TF-51D Mustang 44-84847

    44-84847 was one of the last Mustangs constructed at North American factory in Dallas and flew with the USAF in Korea and the National Air Guard. The fighter has been converted to accommodate a second seat.

  • Hawker Fury Mk II at Duxford Air Shows
    © IWM
    Hawker Fury Mk.II G-CBEL

    Air Leasing Ltd's Fury Mk.II wears the colours of one of Hawker’s Sea Fury prototypes.

  • AIRCO DH9 at IWM Duxford
    De Havilland DH-9 E8894

    This DH9 is one of two that can be seen at IWM Duxford and the only flying First World War bomber in the world.

  • Noorduyn Harvard Mk.IV GCORS

    Built in 1944, this is the oldest flying Harvard still flying in the UK.

The 'Perfect Spitfire' and the Golden Boy of Aviation

The 'Perfect Spitfire' and the Golden Boy of Aviation

The Old Flying Machine Company’s Spitfire MH434, in a solo display as part of our now famous Spitfire finale, will pay tribute to Mark Hanna at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show 2019.

One of Britain’s most experienced display pilots of historic military aircraft, Mark Hanna had flown over 4000 flying hours of which 2300 were on historic aircraft. Major films in which he acted as both aerial advisor and chief pilot included Empire of the Sun, Air America, Tomorrow Never Dies, Memphis Belle, Piece of Cake and Saving Private Ryan. Throughout the airshow and aviation film industry Mark was known as the “Golden Boy” of aviation and was acknowledged to have become a legend in his own lifetime.

Sarah Hanna, Mark’s sister and Managing Director of The Old Flying Machine Company based at IWM Duxford, told us about Mark’s remarkable life and why this year’s Spitfire display will be a moving tribute, 20 years on from the accident that tragically cut short the life of a man passionate about historic flying.