To accompany the site-wide celebration of Duxford at the Movies, come and step inside our on-site cinema in the Vintage Soundstage. View a selection of famous faces in highlights from the IWM Film Collection and the premier of the Bader Bus Company’s new documentary.

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A trio of films reflecting the significance of the Army Film and Photographic Unit, formed in 1941, to record the key events of the war for propaganda purposes and the historical record. The films cover their training, examples of their work and an ecstatic welcome given to some of the cameramen in newly-liberated Paris.

Still from film ‘Cameramen at War’
Still from film ‘Cameramen at War’ © IWM (UKY 522)

AFPU Training Film1943, 12 minsAn instructional film for soldier trainees for the Army Film and Photographic Unit, filmed at and around the training centre of the AFPU at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire. © IWM (MYY 33)

Cameramen at War1943, 14 minsA tribute to the cameramen of the newsreel companies and the service film units who recorded both the First and Second World Wars. This compilation film features the cameramen themselves and some of their most dramatic pieces of film. © IWM (UKY 522)

The Army Film and Photographic Unit Enters Paris1944, 1 minA small team of British AFPU camerman enter Paris shortly after the liberation of the city. © IWM (A70 135-1)

At 11:00 and 16:15

The Battle of Britain on Film

A selection of films made by the Ministry of Information aimed at the general public, with the aim of boosting morale, providing insight into the essential role of the RAF in defending Britain and encouraging people to carrying on as normal.

Still from film ‘London Can Take It’
Still from film ‘London Can Take It’ © IWM (COI 943)

London Can Take It1940, 9 mins: Intended for release in the US, this film praises the resistance shown by Londoners to the German bombing campaign known as the Battle of Britain. Depicted in the form of a verbal report by US correspondent Quentin Reynolds, the film spans twelve hours in the life of the city. © IWM (COI 943)

Fighter Pilot1940, 7 mins: This Ministry of Information film was designed to "let the public into the mind" of a fighter pilot. The film purports to show the story of a typical Spitfire action. © IWM (UKY 263)

Royal Air Force Scenes1941, 9 mins: Unedited  film showing scenes of the Royal Air Force throughout 1941. These sequences depict enemy air activity off Folkestone, the National Fire Service clearing a blitzed house, bomb damage in London’s East End, Firemen tackling various blazes, rubble being cleared from damaged buildings, flak puffs overhead, and a bomb crater in a London street. © IWM (RMY 148-36)

The Front Line1940, 6 mins: A Ministry of Information film documenting Dover's role as a front-line town during the Second World War. Situated in the part of England nearest Hitler's Europe, the people of Dover demonstrate that life goes on normally under bombardment, and that Dover is fighting a winning battle. Includes scripted interviews with residents of Dover including the Mayor of Dover, Alderman Cairns; a firewarden, balloon/AA crew members and housewives. © IWM (UKY 209)

At 12:30 and 15:45

Duxford on Film

From Czech and American airmen to Prince William of Gloucester, these amateur cameramen captured Duxford as a working airfield before it became part of IWM in 1976. The final film in this programme was part of a Gaumont Graphic newsreel shot in the 1920s.

Still from film ‘Behind the Scenes at Duxford Airfield during the production of the film Battle of Britain’
Still from film ‘Behind the Scenes at Duxford Airfield during the production of the film Battle of Britain’ (IWM – MGH 2434)

Czechoslovak Airmen at Duxford Air Field During the Battle of Britain1940, 9 mins: An amateur film shot by Czechoslovak pilot Lieutenant Josef Hybler. This film records scenes and personnel at Duxford after the formation of 310 Squadron in July 1940. (IWM - MGH 2897)

Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Airmen at RAD Duxford on 16  January 19411941, 4 mins: An amateur film shot by Czechoslovak pilot Lieutenant Josef Hybler. This film records a visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to 12 Group at Duxford on 16 January 1941. Whilst there, King George VI decorates Squadron Leader Hess and Flight Lieutenant Jefferies of 310 Sqdn with the Distinguished Flying Cross. (IWM - MGH 2899)

The 78th Fighter Group, USAAF, at Duxford Airfield, 19431943, 5 mins: An amateur film shot by Major Robert Eby of the USAAF 78th Fighter Group while stationed at Station 357, Duxford Airfield during the Second World War.  (IWM – MGH 6545)

Behind the Scenes at Duxford Airfield during the production of the film Battle of Britain1968, 5 mins: Amateur film featuring Prince William of Gloucester visiting Duxford Airfield during the production of the feature film Battle of Britain. The Prince is presumed to be the cameraman for some of the footage.(IWM – MGH 2434)

"RAF Bombing Contest. Interesting experiments in low-bombing at Duxford (Cambs)" (Gaumont Graphic Newsreel)1926, 5 mins: An item from Gaumont Graphic Newsreel, issue 1585 (4) shows small bombs being prepared and loaded onto biplanes before they take part in a bombing run over Duxford Airfield. © IWM (NGG 117)

At 13:00 and 18:00

Famous Faces from the collection

The Films Division of The Ministry of Information was responsible for all film output during the war and realised the importance of using well-known actors and comedians to get important messages across to the public. Here are just a few of the famous faces in our film collection.

Still from film ‘Go to Blazes’
Still from film ‘Go to Blazes’ © IWM (COI 957)

London Scrapbook1942, 11 mins: Compiled for American audiences, London Scrapbook features Bessie Love who with the aid of Basil Radford, shows how London is coping with the war for her friends back home in America. © IWM (COI 669)

Go to Blazes1942, 9 mins: This Central Office of Information film is a comic take on the correct procedure for extinguishing incendiary bombs. Featuring Will Hay, Thora Hird & Muriel George. © IWM (COI 957)

Miss Grant Goes to the Door1940, 7 mins: A Central Office of Information film featuring Mary Clare, Martita Hunt, Ivan Brandt and Manning Whiley, tells the story of two sisters who help outwit a German air invasion. © IWM (COI 455)

Albert’s Savings1940, 5 mins: Featuring Stanley Holloway this Central Office of Information film encourages the viewer to purchase Saving Certificates in the guise of one of ‘Albert’s’ rhyming monologues. © IWM (COI 166)

At 13:45

Journey Together

Featuring another famous face from the IWM collection, along with scenes of Cambridge in the 1940s, John Boulting’s directorial debut is dedicated to ‘the Few who trained the Many.’

Still from film ‘Journey Together’
Still from film ‘Journey Together’ © IWM APY 26

Journey Together1944, 90 mins: Directed by John Boulting and starring Sergeant Richard Attenborough, Jack Watling, David Tomlinson and Edward G Robinson. This documentary feature follows the story of a navigator who wanted to be a pilot. © IWM APY 26

The Bader Bus Company Premiere

Bader's Bus Company

The Bader Bus Company Premiere

At 10:00

IWM are proud to host the premiere of the Douglas Bader Foundation’s documentary about The Bader Bus Company, the first flying display team made up of people with disabilities who were a highlight of May’s Duxford Air Festival.

Sir Douglas Bader, who famously defended the nation during the Battle of Britain despite being a double amputee, was inspiration for the project which brought Aerobilty and the DBF together to form a three-man display team flying Piper PA-28 Warrior aircraft.

Truly the magic of flight.

50mins 2019 Dir: Thomas Greader

A long queue stretches out from the entrance of the Odeon Cinema in Reading, as people queue for tickets.
© IWM (D 25326). A long queue stretches out from the entrance of the Odeon Cinema in Reading, 1945.

IWM Film

IWM has managed a Film Archive from its very beginnings as an institution, and the film collection covers all aspects of conflicts in which British, Commonwealth or former Empire countries have been involved. Our constantly growing collection represents a wide and diverse range of material from public and service information films, documentaries and unedited combat film, through to official newsreels and amateur films.

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