The final line-up is now confirmed! Duxford Air Festival 2019 will celebrate the past, present and future of the jet engine, which entered operational military service in 1944 and has revolutionised the way we travel ever since. 

Meet the Jets

  • Typhoon at Duxford Air Shows
    RAF Typhoon Display Team

    The dazzling spectacle that is the RAF Typhoon Display Team at Duxford Air Festival. Get ready to stand in awe of the sheer power and noise of the Royal Air Force’s current front line fighter jet.

  • Breitling Jet team
    Breitling Jet Team
    Breitling Jet Team

    Back at IWM Duxford for the first time in 14 years, we are thrilled to announce the Breitling Jet Team as one of our first action-packed Duxford Air Festival acts!

  • Strikemaster pair
    Thomas Crowther
    Strikemaster Pair

    The BAC 167 Strikemaster was a development of the Jet Provost and used as a light attack aircraft. The team fly as a pair showcasing the jets low altitude performance.

  • F-15E Strike Eagle
    U.S. Air Force photo by Sgt. Alex Echols
    F-15E Strike Eagle Flypast

    (Sunday only)

    Watch out for the  specially marked "heritage" F-15E Strike Eagle as we welcome the USAF 48th Fighter Wing, based at RAF Lakenheath to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

  • Jet Provost JP3
    Ben Montgomery
    Percival Jet Provost T3

    A development of the piston-engine Percival Provost trainer, the Jet Provost T3 was used as a trainer by the Royal Air Force.

  • Ejection event at Chalgrove as observed by Tony Rapson and George Duncan to confirm acceptance of the MB safety case for conducting ejection seat testing from a permit aeroplane at Chalgrove.
    Martin-Baker Meteor, Test Aircraft

    The high speed of the jet engine urged the invention of the ejection seat. Used on all modern aircraft today, Martin-Baker still use this actual Meteor fighter jet to test its latest seats.


    (This aircraft can be found on our Showground as a static aircraft at Duxford Air Festival).

  • RAF BAe Hawk T1
    SAC Mark Parkinson
    RAF Bae Hawk T1

    A two-seat jet trainer used by the RAF to train its fast jet pilots and by the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows.


    (This aircraft can be found on our Showground as a static aircraft at Duxford Air Festival).

Duxford Air Festival Favourites

  • RAF Chinook Display Team at Duxford Air Shows 2018
    RAF Chinook Display Team

    Always a family-favourite, hear the distinctive sound of the RAF Chinook Display Team across our festival showground!

  • The Blades
    The Blades Aerobatic Team
    The Blades

    The Blades Aerobatic Team, which consists of former Red Arrow pilots and one national aerobatic champion, is renowned worldwide for flying precision close-formation aerobatics to the highest level during their dynamic and cutting edge display. Welcome back to Duxford Air Festival.

  • B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sally B' at Duxford Air Shows
    B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sally B'

    The last remaining airworthy B-17 in Europe, 'Sally B' is a testament to the efforts of those who support her and a flying memorial to the thousands of young Americans who gave their lives during the Second World War.

  • Spitfire n3200
    Spitfire Mk.1a (N3200)

    Spitfire N3200 is IWM's only airworthy aircraft in our collection and a veteran of the Dunkirk Campaign. Read about its history here.

  • Aerosuperbatics wing walkers at Duxford Air Shows 2018
    Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers

    The pure adrenaline experience of the worlds only aerobatic formation wingwalking team. "The craziest roller coaster you've ever been on". Their stunts have to be seen to be believed!

  • Attack Helicopter Display Team at Duxford Air Shows 2018
    Attack Helicopter Display Team: Apache AH1

    Welcome back to the Attack Helicopter Display Team Apache, returning after an incredible display at our very first Duxford Air Festival in 2017.

  • P-47D Thunderbolt at Duxford Air Shows 2018
    Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 'Nellie'

    Expect power and tenacity from the ‘Jug’. The P-47D Thunderbolt was one of the largest single engine fighters of the Second World War.

  • Bader Bus Company air to air shot
    Bader Bus Company
    Bader's Bus Company

    The magic of flight brought Aerobilty and the Douglas Bader Foundation (DBF) together to form Bader's Bus Company, The UK's first disabled display team flying Piper PA-28 Warrior aircraft. Welcome to Duxford Air Festival.

  • TF-51D Mustang at Flying Legends 2018
    TF-51D Mustang ‘Contrary Mary’

    One of the best performing allied fighters of the Second World War, ‘Contrary Mary’ is painted in the same black and white chequer markings the USAAF Mustangs here at RAF Duxford in 1944.

  • Catalina at Duxford Air Shows
    Consolidated Catalina PBY-5A

    The huge Catalina is set to grace the skies at Duxford Air Festival 2019. It was one of the most successful aircraft of its kind ever built, what a sight!

  • Tiger 9 at Duxford Air Shows
    Tiger 9 Aeronautical Display Team

    The Tiger Moth is rarely the first choice of machine for a formation display, Tiger 9 bring the excitement and tradition of flying to Duxford Air Festival 2019, don’t miss the spectacular bomb-burst!

  • Provost T1
    L Howard
    Percival Provost T1

    The Provost T1 was a two-seat basic trainer developed for the Royal Air Force. Fully aerobatic it could replicate the handling characteristics of jet fighters of the time. 

  • RAF Tutor
    Phil Mould
    RAF Grob Tutor Display Team

    The Grob 115E Tutor is used by Air Experience Flights, University Air Squadrons and RAF Elementary Flying Training Squadrons. Being easy to handle and fully aerobatic, the aircraft is excellent for teaching the basics of flight.

  • Miles Messenger
    Darren Harbar
    Miles Trio

    A trio of classic Miles Aircraft Ltd designs at Duxford Air Festival show off their unique twin and tri-tail training aeroplanes.

    1x Miles M65 Gemini 1A, 2x Miles M38 Messenger 2A


  • Army Historic Flight Auster Mk9
    Richard Vandervord
    Historic Army Aircraft Flight

    The Army Historic Aircraft Flight maintain aircraft operated by the Army Air Corps (AAC) and preserve the AAC’s aviation heritage.

    Auster AOP.9, Westland Scout AH Mk I, Agusta Bell Sioux AH Mk1, Westland Scout AH Mk I

Line up subject to change and all confirmed flying is subject to weather and serviceability on the day.