IWM Duxford

Free event with general admission

In our Conservation in Action hangar our team of staff and volunteers work to safeguard the history of our large museum objects.

Live conservation work takes place from 10am - 3pm every Monday to Friday.  Chat to the team about the work they are doing and find out how we protect our objects for future generations to experience and enjoy.

A female conservator working on an object, holding her tools

Witness work taking place on a number of objects which have never been seen before, including a rare Second World War, Crusader II, Cruiser Tank and Staghound Armoured Vehicle.

Other restoration projects include an Avro Shackleton MR3, a German Second World War jet powered Heinkel He 162 A-1, and Jagdpanther self-propelled anti-tank gun.

See our updated engine display with photo display and film footage from our IWM archives.


Vickers Valiant and Handley Page Victor cockpits acquired by IWM, arriving in Conservation In Action hangar

IWM is delighted to have recently acquired cockpits from both a Vickers Valiant B1 (XD826) and a Handley Page Victor K2 (XH669) from private collector, Nigel Towler. Having been diligently cared for by Mr Towler for 30 years, these substantially completed cockpits will undergo final restoration work in the newly reopened Conservation In Action hangar at IWM Duxford in preparation for public display at a later date, recognising Mr Towler's ambition to see these objects exhibited in a national museum.
Valiant XD826 first flew in 1956 and was initially used for flight refuelling probe trials, before being issued to 7 Squadron at RAF Honington in 1957. XD826 was transferred to a number of RAF bases between 1960-1964 including RAF Wittering, Gaydon and Wyton before Valiants were withdrawn from operational service at the end of 1964.
Victor K2 XH669 is best known for its role in the Falklands War, where it was used during the Black Buck missions to refuel Avro Vulcans in the air. With the current display of the Avro Vulcan in AirSpace, the addition of these two cockpits completes the museum's V-Force bomber collection.

Handley Page Victor XH648

Handley Page Victor

XH648 is the only remaining Handley Page Victor aircraft of its kind in the world. After five years of restoration it is now complete, one of the longest and largest conservation projects ever undertaken at IWM Duxford. Find out more.

Witness the amazing work that has been carried out by IWM's specialist conservators, machinists and conservation volunteers, supported by a fundraising campaign that has raised over £25,000 in donations from individuals.