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The rooms where history was made

Churchill sitting

The rooms where history was made

Housing the underground nerve centre where the British government directed the Second World War, Churchill War Rooms is one of London’s must-see attractions.  

It is from these rooms that Winston Churchill took the United Kingdom from what he described as its darkest hour to helping secure allied victory in Europe in 1945. 

For the first time ever, experience the power of the War Rooms virtually – as our expert tour guide takes you under the streets of Westminster to explore this remarkable historical landmark and the secrets it keeps.  

Access key parts of the site, from the Cabinet War Room, declared by Churchill in 1940 to be “the room from which I’ll direct the war” to the Map Room, where the latest military intelligence was received, plotted on maps and summarised for the Prime Minister.  

Including the chance to ask questions, the online tour gets you close-up to parts of the War Rooms ordinarily behind glass, for a whole new perspective on Churchill’s world.

Your IWM guide will tell the story live on Crowdcast, with tours lasting approximately 60 minutes plus 30 minutes of Q&A.   

Please note: Bookings for the 9 April event will close at 4pm on Thursday 8 April. This is to allow time to process tickets and send out a streaming link to all bookers. 



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6pm GMT / 1pm EST

Churchill War Rooms is part of Imperial War Museums, the largest museum of war and conflict in the world.  

The museums tell the story of people who have lived, fought and died in conflicts involving Britain and the Commonwealth since the First World War.  

Our unique collections, made up of the everyday and the exceptional, reveal stories of people, places, ideas and events.  

Using these, we tell vivid personal stories and create powerful physical experiences across our five museums that reflect the realities of war as both a destructive and creative force.  

We challenge people to look at conflict from different perspectives, enriching their understanding of the causes, course and consequences of war and its impact on people’s lives. 

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