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Churchill War Rooms

From £500

Experience the Churchill War Rooms like never before with an exclusive private tour given by an expert guide.

Go behind the glass

A tunnel at the Churchill War Rooms

Go behind the glass

Gain behind-the-glass access and immerse yourself in the War Cabinet Room, which was used by Churchill, his War Cabinet and the Chiefs of Staff during the Blitz.

See the scratch marks still clearly visible on Churchill’s chair as he deliberated decisions which would alter the course of history – one of the many details you can only see with Cabinet Room access.

Explore Britain's information hub

Churchill War Rooms map room

Explore Britain's information hub

Explore the Map Room, Britain’s global information hub during the Second World War.

Marvel at the pinholes on a map showing convoy movements in the Battle of the Atlantic and see the rationed sugar cubes, still intact after more than 70 years, when they were left behind by Wing Commander Heagarty after he and his staff finally departed the bunker.

The experience of a lifetime

IWM Churchill War Rooms Tour
IWM, Churchill War Rooms

The experience of a lifetime

Visit Churchill’s bedroom and stand behind the original desk from which he delivered four of his speeches. Learn about his unusual lifestyle while discovering personal objects, including one of his original cigars up-close.

A behind-the-glass private tour of the historic Churchill War Rooms is an experience of a lifetime. Tours last one hour.

Take the online tour

While the museum is closed we are offering an online tour of Churchill War Rooms.

Churchill sitting
Churchill's War Rooms: The Online Tour


8 May 2021
4 June 2021


To find out more about the private tour please call 020 7091 3061.

To book, please email [email protected] with your preferred date.

We also offer private tours online, which can be booked on request for up to 30 people.  To find out which tours we have available, how to book and for more information on pricing, please email [email protected] with your preferred date.

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After hours

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After hours

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- £1500

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- £2000

Social Distancing Measures

Your safety is our priority. Please take a moment to read about the social distancing measures we've put in place for this event.

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