IWM Duxford

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The Operations Room was the nerve centre of Duxford’s Battle of Britain. From here, the men and women who worked on the ground at this site directed the station’s pilots into combat.

Situated in the historic Operations Block, this new exhibition explores the vital role of this building and highlights the personal stories of the men and women who worked here during the aerial campaign of 1940.

Discover their stories and see personal objects before entering the Operations Room used during the Battle of Britain.

What's Inside?

  • The Dowding System

    The Dowding System

    Understand how RAF Duxford fit into the air defence network that gave the RAF an advantage over the Luftwaffe.

  • Battle of Britain: Ops Block

    Brian Lane’s Cigarette Case

    Get up close to the details of the flying ace’s damaged cigarette case and discover how it was damaged.

  • Battle of Britain: Ops Block Operations Room
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    The Operations Room

    Experience the atmosphere inside this critical room at Duxford with our audio-visual recreation of the day that the battle reached its climax: 15 September 1940.

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Large print guides are available to read or download for the Ops Block exhibitions
  • Ops Block

    Read or download the large print guide for the Ops Block.

  • Ops Room

    Read or download the large print guide for the Ops Room.