IWM Duxford

Exhibit access with General Admission

The Battle of Britain exhibition tells the story of the Second World War aerial campaign from the defeat of France through to the end of the battle in October 1940.

Enter a historic hangar that was used by Duxford’s fighter squadrons during the battle, you’ll discover more about how Battle of Britain was fought.

In this exhibition, you'll learn about some of the Few, as well as the support on the ground, including the Observer Corps and anti-aircraft guns.

Get up close to Battle of Britain aircraft, including two Hurricanes, a Spitfire and a crash-landed Messerschmitt, and explore the personal stories of those fought in the battle. 

What's inside?

  • Visitors looking inside a Hurricane inside the Battle of Britain exhibition

    Get a good view

    Get up close and look inside our Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb on the viewing platform.

  • Spitfire Zone

    Spitfire Zone

    Outside the Battle of Britain exhibition, discover our replica Spitfire and ground-painted roundel.  Follow the printed path of Spitfires that leads across to the Battle of Britain: Ops Block as you continue around the museum.

  • Visitors looking inside he Battle of Britain exhibition

    Discover the Battle of Britain story

    Get up close to large objects from the aerial campaign of 1940 and learn more about the battle in this exhibition. 

Stories anytime, anywhere

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Large print exhibition guide

A large print guide is available for this exhibition. Click here to read or download the large print guide >