8 August , 5 September 2024

12pm to 4:30pm

Churchill War Rooms

£68 | Prosecco package £76

Includes admissions to Churchill War Rooms | Booking will close 10 days before the event

Step Back in Time for Tea

Enjoy a luxury afternoon tea, served in style at Churchill War Rooms. Begin your day with an introductory talk, exploring the history of the unique venue located under 12 feet of concrete and steel. Discover how people, from cooks to generals to Churchill himself, lived and worked in these underground rooms. 

Interior of the Harmsworth Room at Churchill War Rooms set up for an event, tables laid. imperial War Museums

Then take your seat in the Harmsworth Room, once Plant Room 7, it housed the equipment necessary for regulating the airflow through the war rooms. The Harmsworth Room is now a dining room of unrivalled ambience and character - the perfect scene for a luxury afternoon tea.

Following your afternoon tea, take the time to explore Churchill War Rooms and see where some of the most important decisions of the war were made. Discover Churchill's remarkable 90-year life, leadership and legacy in the Churchill Museum.

About Your Afternoon Tea

View of the Map Room at Churchill War Rooms

Churchill was a gourmand, so much so that he disregarded conventional dining hours and opted instead to eat when his stomach dictated - which was often. 

He emphasised his liking for plain food, but this afternoon tea promises to be anything but. Besides, Churchill's concept of 'plain' differed greatly from our modern view and even from many of his extravagant contemporaries. His diet was rich, and his consumption was prolific.

He was wary of colleagues who took the opposite approach, saying of the abstemious Stafford Cripps that, 'He has all the virtues that I dislike and none of the vices that I admire.'

Churchill War Rooms Afternoon Tea promises a decadent selection of sandwiches, pastries, drinks and more. From Scottish smoked salmon sandwiches celebrating his five terms as MP for Dundee to the fruit cake taken from his chef, Georgina Landemare's cookbook, the specially curated menu offers a culinary journey through Churchill's life. 

We can cater for various dietary requirements. Bookers will be contacted in advance.

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