Until 13 June 2021

IWM London

Free event

'A brilliantly Orwellian artificial intelligence' 

What will immigration control look like in the future?


In this experience, created by award-winning artists Anagram, you will be taken into an imaginary future world where international movement is policed by intelligent machines. You will meet a border guard driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Your face is your passport. How you use it during your meeting will inform where you are sent.

Commissioned by IWM, this immersive experience invites you to reflect on the labyrinthine systems currently used to process people fleeing conflict.

A Face to Open Doors is part of Refugees, a free season of exhibitions, new artistic commissions and immersive events taking place across IWM London and IWM North. Unlocking the personal stories of people who have been forced to flee their homes and those who work to support and care for them, Refugees gives us the space to consider our own responses to similar experiences and dilemmas.


Large print exhibition guide

A large print guide is available for this exhibition. Click here to read or download the large print guide >