Mark 150 years since Winston Churchill’s birth

The Prime Minister Winston Churchill leaves for the House of Commons to make an address on 2 August 1944.
© IWM (HU 90973)

This year, join IWM in marking the 150th anniversary since Churchill’s birth. Join us for a visit to Churchill War Rooms, an early-morning 'Secrets of Churchill War Rooms' tour or for a special Churchill-themed afternoon tea. This November we are also hosting a series of talks and film-screening events at Churchill War Rooms. 

You can also explore a new exhibition opening later this year at IWM London, which will also offer a snapshot into Churchill’s representation in political cartoons through a unique display of 24 original artworks. 

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Events at Churchill War Rooms

  • Teaser Image - CWR Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon Tea at Churchill War Rooms

    8 August and 5 September 2024

    Enjoy a luxury afternoon tea, served in style at Churchill War Rooms. Our afternoon teas are a perfect way to surround yourself in history, relax, and savour the moment within this historic venue. 

    Begin your day with an introductory talk, exploring the history of the unique venue followed by afternoon tea and a chance to explore Churchill War Rooms and the Churchill Museum. 

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    IWM In Conversation With: Allen Packwood and Kevin Ruane

    14 November 2024

    Explore Winston Churchill’s relationship with science and technology, and how technological advances influenced the Second World War.

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    IWM Presents: The Darkest Hour

    21 November 2024

    IWM Presents brings you a unique screening of The Darkest Hour, in the rooms where the film's events happened. As part of the screening, you'll hear from industry experts to discover the history of the Churchill War Rooms as well gaining a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the production of the film. 

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    IWM in Conversation With: Kate Clements and Anthony Richards

    29 November 2024

    This In Conversation with:  event brings together a rich visual history of photography, art and artefacts for a discussion on Churchill’s life and defining moments. Have your questions answered and take the opportunity to have your copy of Winston Churchill: IWM Photography Collection and Churchill: A Visual History signed by the authors. 

Events at IWM Duxford

  • Nigel West and Spy Files book cover

    IWM History Festival | Nigel West - Churchill's Spy Files

    24 November 2024

    Nigel West delves into the secret archives of Winston Churchill’s spy network, uncovering the covert operations, daring agents, and intelligence triumphs that shaped the course of the Second World War. From MI6 to SOE, discover the agencies that Churchill relied upon to turn the tide of war.

    Nigel West's talk is just one of many events taking place at IWM History Festival on 23 and 24 November.


Voice over: “Hidden beneath the streets of Westminster, discover the secret underground headquarters where the course of the Second World War was determined at Churchill War Rooms. Step back in time and explore the historic rooms left exactly as they were."

Voice of Winston Churchill: "A victory won not only for ourselves but for all."

Voice over: "Then uncover the former Prime Minister's life and legacy in the extensive Churchill Museum, London's must-see attraction. Search Churchill War Rooms and book your visit today."

'This is the room from which I will direct the war' - Winston Churchill, 1940 

Why not use the anniversary year to explore Churchill War Rooms and walk the secret corridors, see the rooms where the course of the Second World War was determined, peek inside Churchill’s bedroom and learn more about the lives of staff living and working side by side underground. Left unchanged since 1945.

Explore the expansive Churchill Museum as part of your visit which tells the story of the wartime Prime Minister's 90-year life.



Secrets of Churchill War Rooms Tour

Tour group pictured with guide at Churchill War Rooms

Walk in the footsteps of Churchill and immerse yourself in a fascinating early-bird tour exploring highlights from the War Rooms.

Starting before we open to the public, this tour covers what it was like to live and work beneath the streets of London during the Second World War, navigates you through the secret corridors, and explores more about the character and actions of Churchill himself.


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