Staff team building or family days are another of our specialities. As well as enjoying all that the museum has to offer, companies can take advantage of the wide range of activities offered on site - from tank-riding and pleasure flying to educational talks and tours.

Indoor accommodation and catering can be provided in the AirSpace Conference Centre, or we are happy to provide a private marquee to your specification.

Our experienced partners offer a range of exciting and unusual activities to enhance your corporate event. As well as simply enjoying all that the museum has to offer, choose from a range of indoor and outdoor activities tailored to your requirements.

Outdoor Activities

  • Tank rides: experience the thrill of a tank ride in a genuine 432 armoured personnel carrier around our very own tank arena.
  • Pleasure flights and flying experiences: take to the skies in a Tiger Moth or Dragon Rapide. Ideal for team-building or as an extra-special treat, flying experiences in a range of vintage aircraft can be booked with on-site partner, Classic Wings. Classic Wings can also arrange hovercraft rides, crazy driving and many other spine-tingling activities. For more information contact Terri Watson or Chris Schofield on 01255 473 832 or visit the Classic Wings website.

Indoor Activities

  • Talks, workshops and children’s  activities: bespoke activities delivered by our Department for Learning. Activities can be tailored for any age group.
  • Private guided museum tours: helping to bring our collections to life, our official tour operators are respected aviation historians. To book, please call Ivor Warne on 01920 484315 , 07535 990538 or at
  • IWM Duxford flight simulator: experience the rush of a dogfight over the white cliffs of Dover. Filmed in real-time with IWM Duxford-based Spitfires and a Messerschmitt Bf109, this motion simulator moves from the perspective of the Bf109 as it makes a lightening raid on the British coastline. The simulator can be booked as part of a package from the Commercial team or direct from Active Rides on 01708 855 242 or

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