IWM Statement from Director-General, Diane Lees

In 2018 we reported on our gender pay gap for the first time, as required by law under the Equality Act 2010. We will continue to report on the gender pay gap at IWM each year.

This year, the difference between the average (mean) hourly rates of pay for men and women working at IWM as of April 2018 was 1.4% and the median was 5.8%, in favour of women. This has shifted from a 2% mean and 1.25% median in favour of men as of April 2017.

Achieving pay equality and creating a diverse workforce at IWM are key to our strategic goals. Diversity is vital to a successful organisation and we are dedicating important resource towards improving diversity and inclusion in our workforce at IWM.

2019 Gender Pay Gap Data

2018 Gender Pay Gap Data