Grant in Aid

IWM receives just under half its annual funding as grant in aid from the Department for Culture, Medie and Sport (DCMS).  The level of grant in aid is set currently for four years, and the terms under which grant in aid is provided to IWM is set out in the Funding Agreement.  IWM reports regularly to DCMS on how it has met the agreed targets and objectives.

Funding agreement 2011

Other Funding

The majority of the funding for our core activities is raised by means of charitable giving, philanthropic support, spornsorship and donations, admission charges and IWM's commercial activities.  Commercial activities are conducted through the IWM Trading Company Ltd and include retail, corporate hospitality, public catering, air shows, private tours, pleasure flying, publishing and licensing of the collections.

Annual Report and Accounts (including the Trading Company)

Trading company accounts and other information can also be found on the Companies House website


Plans for spending over the next three years are contained in the Corporate Plan, which is reviewed every year.

IWM Corporate Plan

Spend items over £25,000

Details of supplier payments for individual invoices exceeding £25,000 are shown here.  These details are updated monthly.

See all data for IWM spend over £25,000 at

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Pay and grading for staff

Information on the pay received by the Director-General and the Executive Leadership Team can be found in the Annual Report

IWM's pay and grading structure will be made available online.


The procurement of all works, goods and services is based on best practices and value for money, having due regard for propriety and regularity.  The responsibility for the operation of efficient and effective procurement processes lies with the Head of Procurement.

IWM Procurement Policy