Korean War, with Eddie Izzard

Why is Korea divided between North and South? Who was Kim Jong Un’s grandfather Kim Il Sun, and what did he want? Why did the United Nations intervene in Korea? And did the Korean War really almost go nuclear?


Two soldiers from the King's Own Scottish Borderers, pass British crosses in the UN Cemetery in Pusan, where a memorial service was held for fallen comrades.
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Voices of the Korean War

Hear veterans of the Korean War tell their stories of the conflict. 
A platoon from 1st Battalion The Black Watch pose for the camera before going out on patrol. On the extreme right is 2nd Lieutenant A T Baillie, the Platoon Commander. On the extreme left is Sergeant Atholl Bluck, the Platoon Sergeant.
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25 Photographs Of The Korean War

Explore photos that show the experiences of some of the men who served in Korea and the conditions in which they lived and fought during the war.
HMS Belfast in Korea thumbnail
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Korean War and HMS Belfast: The hottest point of the Cold War?

The Korean War broke out on the 25th June 1950 when communist North Korea invaded South Korea. HMS Belfast was soon in action. In her two years of service in Korea, she saw more action than at any point during the Second World War. The Korean War was primarily fought on land, so why did HMS Belfast see such intense action during this period?