• BARRIERS [Main Title]
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    NAT 2074

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    Production date
    North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Production sponsor) North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Information Service (Production company) Heston, Charlton (Production individual) Piat, Jean (Production individual) Edwards, John (Production individual) Flammang, Jean-Pierre (Production individual) Karaƶzbek, Yavuz (Production individual) Hicks, Alf (Production sponsor) De Cock, Jos (Production sponsor) Murray, Stephen (Production individual) Frazer, Donald (Production individual)
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    ADM 131

    Production date
    Directorate of Army Kinematography (Production sponsor) Ealing Studios (Production company) Balcon, Michael Elias (Production individual) Dickinson, Thorold Barron (Production individual) Balcon, S C (Production individual) Bartlett, Basil (Production individual) Dighton, John (Production individual) Macphail, Angus (Production individual) Palmer, Ernest (Production individual) Walton, William (Production individual) Irving, Ernest (Production individual) Daines, Norman (Production individual) Williams, Eric (Production individual) Pitt, Ray (Production individual) Russell, Billy (Production individual) Morahan, Tom (Production individual) Dixon, Cecil (Production individual) Day, G H (Production individual) Boalch, W R (Production individual) Maas, G (Production cast) Sydney, B (Production cast) Leister, F (Production cast) Tate, R (Squadron Leader) (Production cast) Schofield, J (Production cast) Field, A (Production cast) Hawkins, Jack (Production cast) Hutcheson, D (Production cast) O'Rorke, B (Production cast) Stanley, Phyllis (Production cast) Norris, R (2nd Lieutenant) (Production cast) Hibbert, G (Production cast) Friend, P (Production cast) Clare, Mary (Production cast) Thatcher, Torin (Lieutenant) (Production cast) Johns, Mervyn (Production cast) Chandos, John (Production cast) Pilbeam, Nova (Production cast) Murray, Stephen (Production cast) Hird, Thora (Production cast) Allenby, Frank (Production cast) Ambler, Joss (Production cast) Victor, C (Production cast) Wayne, Naunton (Production cast) Radford, Basil (Production cast) Worcester Regiment, Officers and men of (Production cast) Navy, Army and Air Force (Production cast) De Greff, Peter (Production cast) Hagan, Pat (Production cast) Storme, Sandra (Production cast) Reynolds, Owen (Production cast)