• THE NEW LOT [Main Title]
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    DRA 443

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    Directorate of Army Kinematography (Production sponsor) Army Kinematograph Service (Production company) Reed, Carol (Production individual) Dickinson, Thorold Barron (Production individual) Pitt, Ray (Production individual) Goddard, Roy (Production individual) Ustinov, Peter Alexander (Production individual) Ambler, Eric Clifford (Production individual) Wilcox, John (Production individual) Newbrook, Peter (Production individual) Warwick, Norman (Production individual) Cox, John (Production individual) Mills, Reggie (Production individual) Broadhouse, Lawrence (Production individual) Parker, Charlie (Production individual) Johnstone, Joan (Production individual) Rawsthorne, Alan (Production individual) Addinsell, Richard (Production individual) Laurie, John Emilius (Production cast) Miles, Bernard (Production cast) Ustinov, Peter Alexander (Production cast) Huntley, Raymond (Production cast) Godfrey, Philip (Production cast) Harrison, Kathleen (Production cast) Johnson, Mike (Production cast) Lieven, Albert (Production cast) Slater, John (Production cast) Keen, Geoffrey (Production cast) Trevor, Austin (Production cast) Fleming, Ian (Production cast) Lee, Bernard (Production cast) Ambler, Eric Clifford (Production cast) Schofield, Johnnie (Production cast) Donat, Robert (Production cast) Rome, Stewart (Production cast) Barnard, Ian (Production cast)