IWM lends material from its exceptional collections to museums across the UK and abroad.

How to borrow

If you are interested in borrowing from us, please note these important points when considering your request:

  • We need to receive your request in advance so we can consider and administer it properly. We ask for at least nine months' notice – more if the loan request is for more than 10 items or if it is for an exhibition overseas.
  • We have a cost recovery policy. In common with other museums we expect the borrower to pay for the direct costs associated with the loan (such as transport, packing, conservation, etc). We also recover the indirect costs associated with the loan, including staff time. The Registrar will be happy to discuss these with you when you make your request.
  • Please ensure all items requested have an object ID number and description, available from our online collections catalogue.

The Guide to Borrowing from IWM provides further detailed information on how to make a loan request and outlines how we will administer loans. Please ensure you read it before submitting your request.

Loan requests can be made using our online loan application form. Before submitting your request, please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions of loan.

If you want to know more about the loans process, or have any queries, please email our Registrar at [email protected].