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1990 to the present day (production), Second World War (content), First World War (association), Second World War (association)
IWM (Production Company)
Wood, Conrad (Recorder)
Smith, Sydney Thomas (Interviewee/Speaker)
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whole: Duration 60, Number Of Items 2

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The crew of HMS Glasgow named this pig Tirpitz, after the German Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz.
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Randolph Schwabe's painting of The Women’s Land Army and German Prisoners. Women working in hay fields.
Randolph Schwabe, The Women’s Land Army and German Prisoners, 1918 © IWM (Art.IWM ART 1179)
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A standard male shaving brush with black, plastic handle and wooden base. One reel of miniature film can be contained within the 'hollowed-out' handle of the brush.
© IWM (EPH 10068)
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