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Related period
Second World War (production), Second World War (content)
Washington, William
Production date

Support: paper

medium: etching


Support: Height 403 mm, Width 307 mm

Catalogue number
Art.IWM ART LD 2765

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Fire fighters tackle fires burning in Manchester during an air raid on 23-24 December.
© IWM (H 6324)
Second World War
The Manchester Blitz
In late autumn 1940, the Blitz spread beyond London to Britain's other major towns and cities. Many were the locations of major war industries. However, it was often their compact commercial centres and residential areas that were most badly affected by air raids.
St Paul's Cathedral seen through smoke caused by a bombing raid on London in December 1940.
IWM HU 36220
Remains of the 600-year-old St Michael's Cathedral two days after the devastating air raid on Coventry on 14-15 November 1940
© IWM (H 5603)
Second World War
The Blitz Around Britain