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1945-1989 (production)

medium: paper


Support: Height 346 mm, Width 465 mm

Catalogue number
Art.IWM ART 16694 3

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There are two main portraits showing a woman and a man with their heads covered facing the viewer, but inclining their heads towards each other. In the lower left corner there are two other, smaller faces also facing the viewer. In the upper right corner of the canvas the face of a mother with a child is visible. The child's face partially obscures the mother's downcast face.
Transport, 1974, by Roman Halter. © artist's estate.
Ghettos In The Holocaust
After the Nazis occupied Poland in 1939, they began segregating Jews in ghettos, usually in the most run-down area of a city. By mid-1941, nearly all Jews in occupied Poland had been forced into these overcrowded districts.
The Holocaust Exhibition © IWM
The Holocaust Exhibition © IWM
Collecting for the Holocaust Exhibition
When The Holocaust Exhibition opened in June 2000 one reviewer wrote: ‘tireless searching for artefacts, relics and film has given us something which takes at least two hours to examine properly and will, I suspect, stay in the memory forever’.