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Souvenirs and ephemera
Related period
Second World War (association)

Labels: cloth


'The Favourite Trad': Height 12 mm., Width 65 mm.

Four Red Stars: Height 13 mm., Width 50 mm.

Blue Burmese Script: Height 16 mm., Width 83 mm.

'Andersson Freres': Height 20 mm., Width 82 mm.

'A Gotowicz': Height 26 mm., Width 68 mm.

'Rowe&Co': Height 30 mm., Width 31 mm.

'The Sweat Rag': Height 32 mm., Width 106 mm.

'Raphael': Height 33 mm., Width 62 mm.

'B Grunwald L Jakubo: Height 34 mm., Width 86 mm.

Burmese W Violin: Height 35 mm., Width 40 mm.

'Krausaspol': Height 35 mm., Width 74 mm.

'Bohumil Petrach': Height 35 mm., Width 85 mm.

'Vojta Fremr': Height 35 mm., Width 90 mm.

'Steiner': Height 45 mm., Width 70 mm.

'Wilh. Huper': Height 45 mm., Width 70 mm.

'Samy': Height 50 mm., Width 77 mm.

'K Hoondamall': Height 51 mm., Width 75 mm.

'Gerat Schwimm': Height 68 mm., Width 113 mm.

Catalogue number
EPH 11645

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