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Uniforms and insignia
Related period
Second World War (association)

Zipper: metal

whole: wool


Wrist: Circumference 210 mm

Collar: Circumference 340 mm, Collar Height 56 mm

PR Ankle: Circumference 525 mm

PL Ankle: Circumference 530 mm

Thigh: Circumference 635 mm

Waist: Circumference 780 mm

Chest: Circumference 965 mm

Hips: Circumference 965 mm

Scarf: Length 1030 mm

PL Shoulder Seam: Length 130 mm

PR Shoulder Seam: Length 135 mm

Belt: Length 1365 mm

Hood Front: Length 185 mm

Centre Front Crotch: Length 280 mm

Hood: Length 285 mm

Centre Back: Length 440 mm, Length 815 mm

Centre Back Crotch: Length 455 mm

Centre Front Zip: Length 515 mm

PL Sleeve: Length 620 mm

PL Inseam: Length 630 mm

PR Inseam: Length 630 mm

PR Sleeve: Length 630 mm

Centre Front: Length 800 mm

Bust Points: Width 205 mm

Between Shoulders: Width 370 mm

whole: Calf (circumference) 540 mm

Catalogue number
UNI 5309

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