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HM King George VI and HM Queen Elizabeth talk to a woman operating a fuse testing machine during a visit to the Royal Ordnance factory in Blackburn.
© IWM (P 399)
Second World War
What The Royal Family Did During The Second World War
At 6pm on 3 September 1939, King George VI spoke to the people of Britain and the Empire. In his radio broadcast, he talked of the difficult times ahead and urged his people to stand firm.  
Bolton Wanderers players photographed after joining the army, February 1941.
© IWM (H 7496)
Sports And Entertainment In Wartime
10 Facts About Football In The Second World War
On 8 September 1939, the Football Association (FA) declared that all football except that organised by the armed forces was suspended 'until official notice to the contrary'. This was in contrast to 1914, when professional football had continued during the first year of war.
Land Army girls sawing larch poles for use as pit props.
Women In Wartime
What was the Women's Land Army?
Before the Second World War, Britain had imported much of its food. When war broke out, it was necessary to grow more food at home and increase the amount of land in cultivation. With many male agricultural workers joining the armed forces, women were needed to provide a new rural workforce.